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Vaccine Roll-out Ramps Up to Goal of 45,000 a Day

Gov. Jay Inslee directed the Washington Department of Health to move the state into Phase 1B, Tier 1, of its COVID-19 vaccination distribution plan Jan. 18, allowing everyone over the age of 65 and anyone 50 or older living in multigenerational homes (excluding parents and their children) to receive the vaccine.

KP Community Services Puts $100K County Grant to Work

The Key Peninsula Community Services building in Home is a bit of a head-turner these days. Exciting changes are in the works inside and out for the nearly 100-year-old structure, home to the former Lakebay Elementary School until the 1940s.
PSD Transportation Director Annie Bell to Retire February 28
Transportation Director Annie Bell will retire this month after 19 years with the Peninsula School District and over 30 years working …
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Deborah Krishnadasan Ends Two-Year Term as PSD Board President
Deborah Krishnadasan stepped down in December after serving her two year term as president of the Peninsula School District Board of …
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KP Booster Danna Webster on Making Dreams Come True
Danna Webster discovered the Key Peninsula in 2000 after a nearly 30-year career as a teacher. She then spent the next 20 years …
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Local News
Communities in Schools of Peninsula, whose mission is to identify at-risk students and surround them with a community of support, has been serving students on the Key Peninsula and in Gig Harbor for nearly two decades. When the pandemic closed schools in March 2020, the organization had to adjust quickly.
The Gig Harbor-Key Peninsula Suicide Prevention Coalition was formed in 2012 after two local teens died by suicide in close succession. The coalition has since developed programs to support survivors and their loved ones and to train for prevention.
Lakebay Marina owner Mark Scott watched in dismay as, bite by bite, bulldozers demolished and trucks hauled away debris from three dilapidated former cabins cited in a Warrant of Abatement and …
Board member Cathy Williams had read about the Downtown Storefront Mural Project in Seattle, a plan to transform boarded up storefronts into canvases. Although Key Center is not plagued by plywood windows, TWAA decided to run with the idea.
Look here for local, state and federal websites and phone numbers to get the information you need about housing, food, financial assistance, medical care and testing.

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Here's What I Think About That
A year has passed since the first mention of the novel coronavirus in a KP News staff meeting. The whole world has changed since. The stress and fatigue from living during the pandemic comes in …
Letters to the Editor
Getting Vaccinated While Black

I am a Black social worker who lives on the Key Peninsula. My primary occupation is as a psychiatric social worker at Western State Hospital in the Center for Forensics. I was given the …

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