Words of Whit


Steve Whitford

Looking forward, back, and occasionally sideways

January is typically a month of reflection. While planning for the future, it is also a time to remember the people we touched and were touched by. It’s always interesting to revisit some of them to hear what’s new.

Last spring we featured Dayna Hanson, local choreographer and multi-disciplinary artist. She was busy filming scenes for an up-coming movie of hers at scenic Lakebay Marina.

The film was finished in August and has since been shown at Seattle’s Local Sightings and the Seattle Art Museum. In October it was shown at the Tacoma Film Festival and in November at the Northwest Film Makers Festival in Portland. She is presently at work on a new dance screenplay.

This summer we spent some time with the Harbor WildWatch at Penrose State Park. Members were engaged in educating the public about our unique aquatic ecosystem. Since then, they have been busy through the fall and winter months with their Peer Into the Night program, which takes place on the first Saturday of each month at Jerisich Dock in Gig Harbor, from 6 to 8 p.m. The program features live viewing from a scuba diver’s video camera. Visitors will get to see everything the diver sees. Naturalists are present to interpret and narrate what’s being seen. The program continues through March.

In August we visited local author Jilly Eddy and learned about Lipsology. Since then she has done book signing for Barnes and Nobel, where her book Lipsology is now available. It can also be purchased through Amazon.com. She’s also been busy entertaining audiences and has received inquiries about her work from all over the world. She stated happily, “The word is spreading.”

This fall we interviewed Jeremy and Mira Thompson who live the life in their recently completed house bus. Since then the Thompsons are busy remodeling a stick built house and their house bus was filmed for an upcoming segment of the TV series, Tiny House Nation, to be aired sometime next year.

Sometimes we just have to look at things a bit sideways. Recently I received a letter from my life insurance company, who after more than one year have finally acknowledging that they now have my new mailing address. The memo was addressed and sent to my old address. Hope none of those folks run for public office. I also know a place where after Christmas bargain hunters can get a heck of a deal on cut trees.

Looking forward, we’re reminded that people are like tall buildings in that both are full of stories. My job is that of a storyteller. I’m waiting to tell yours.