Brothers recognized for heroic acts


Danna Webster, KP News

There was an unexpected addition to the Martin Luther King, Jr. program at Vaughn Elementary on Jan. 14. Principal Mike Benoit introduced two firemen from Fire District 16 and explained there would be a special presentation. The principal handed the microphone to Division Chief Paul Bosch, who began to tell a story about a night in December when Mathew and Christopher Wisberger took heroic action to save their mother.

Chief Bosch said, “On the evening of Dec. 13, Mathew and Christopher’s mother was driving their car when she had a medical problem. She was able to pull the car into a parking lot in Key Center before she became unconscious.”

He explained that unconscious meant that a person is asleep and cannot wake up.

“Mathew set the parking brake in the car and Christopher moved the gear shift into neutral so that the car wouldn’t roll anywhere,” Bosch continued the story. “After trying to contact his father on the cell phone, Mathew went into a nearby business to get help. At this business was Sheryl Mirenta, who happened to be one of the family’s neighbors. Meanwhile, Christopher remained in the car and held his mom’s head up while she was unconscious, so she could keep breathing.

“Mathew and Sheryl returned to the car and Sheryl called 911. Paramedics arrived and began treating Mathew and Christopher’s mom. She was taken to the hospital by the Medic One ambulance. When the paramedics came back from the hospital, they told me about the outstanding job that Mathew and Christopher did to help their mom. The paramedics wanted me to give them an award. I couldn’t agree more. So, it’s my privilege to present Mathew and Christopher these certificates that read: ‘In recognition of meritorious action to assist someone in need of emergency medical care.’”

The Wisberger boys were asked to come up front and firefighter Ken Foss assisted Chief Bosch in presenting the certificates. Two very serious young boys stood before the assembly and accepted the applause.

When the boys’ mother, Jessica Wisberger, tells about that December night, she says it was the boys’ calm and confident manner that made it clear to people that there was an emergency and that help was needed. She had to stay in the hospital overnight and was released the next day, which happened to be her birthday. At first she thought it was a terrible way to spend a birthday but immediately realized that being alive and well, thanks to the heroics of her boys, was indeed the best possible birthday she could have.

Special thanks to FD 16 Division Chief Paul Bosch for allowing the use of his speech.