Creativity abounds with scarecrow creations


Steve Whitford

The Cutter Bug scarecrow won first place this year during the annual costumed scarecrow event in Key Center ,which helped to promote the Farm Tour. Photo courtesy of Estella Whitford

It happened again. Even the ravens know October is scarecrow month on the peninsula.

This fall, something new decorated the Key Center business area, a murder of costumed scarecrows.

The idea was originally thought of by Beverly Pedersen of the Two Waters Art Alliance. One day she was in the library looking at a book on scarecrows. Pedersen thought displaying scarecrows would be a good way to promote the annual Farm Tour.

Rosina Vertz, library branch supervisor, liked the idea and submitted it to the Friends of the Library. The idea spread and soon scarecrows began appearing all over Key Center.

This year despite road construction, 14 scarecrows welcomed visitors to the Farm Tour and transformed Key Center with a display of local artists’ colorful creations.

Guarding the liquor store was “butt crack”pumpkin scarecrow, wearing a pumpkin head, a pumpkin bottomand loose-fitting jeans. He was the creation of Nic Thieb, store manager, who said, “I hope it puts a smile on people’s faces.”

Next stop was the Sunnycrest Nursery, where you were welcomed by a flower girl; the work of Amy Shaver and Jill Lanzon. The flower girl had a garden theme: her hair with living flowers, arms made from flower pots, and her body a tomato cage, filled with soil. The white dress and wreath were donated from the Angel Guild.

Cutter Bug featured a scarecrow lady having her hair dried by an enormous lady bug. Owner Mindy Wilkins said it took her husband about three hours of welding to make the bug.

Along the highway, a pumpkin-headed scarecrow sat at a desk with a sign saying that “school is cool.”It was the work of Evergreen Elementary School’s Betty McChord and Carmen Carter.

The entrance to the Food Market had a female scarecrow construction worker by Laura McClintock of Close to Home Espresso and a shopping raven scarecrow wearing a red hat and yellow scarf, the art of Mona Jensen, who made it out of plastic and duct tape.

Next to the credit union were five scarecrows, Frank (Sponge Bob) the farmer was the work of Cathy Lyons. Cathy Barrett made a girl covered with birds, a small cheerleader and “Cousin Itt.”There was also a large green digger worm, whose authors were Sheri Osborne and Dede Johnson.

The fire department had its own “Sparky,” a red fire hydrant created by Anne Nesbitt and Hal Wolverton.

Last, but not least, Mr. Big Silverhands stands in front of the library. It was created by Ramona Dickson of Key Center Massage.

According to organizers, it was another fun event for everyone, and those involved plan to make it a permanent part of autumn on the Key.

People were encouraged to vote for their favorite scarecrow at Sunnycrest Nursery and the library. When the votes were finally counted, best scarecrow was the Cutter Bug, Digging Green Worm came in second, and the butt crack pumpkin man and flower girl tied for third place.