Food co-op manager steps down


Alice Kinerk, KP News

There is change at the top for Key Peninsula's Fresh Food Revolution Co-op (FFR). Holly Hendrick, co-founder of the business and a leader in the group from day one, has decided to step down from her position in order to pursue other projects.

However, Hendrick will remain a familiar face around the co-op and the Key Peninsula Civic Center. In an email to food co-op members, Hendrick wrote, “I'm not going anywhere; I'm still a member/owner and will be retaining my seat on the FFR Co-op Board through the end of my term (Oct 2015).”

Hendrick was elected to her two-year term last fall after being on the provisional board since the beginning.

“At the October 2013 FFR board meeting I declined the nomination to remain President of the Board, opting instead offer a historical perspective on the business’ growth and development, and to advise the newly elected board members,” Hendrick said. “After the Board’s retreat in November, I notified the officers of my intent to step down from managing the co-op and gave a May 1 deadline.”

Hendrick has long championed fresh, local, organic food on the Key Peninsula.

Dee Hendrix, a food co-op Board member at large and owner of My Mother's Garden in Lakebay, remembers meeting Hendrick years ago at the short-lived Key Peninsula Farmers Market, which Hendrick managed from 2008-2010, and says she will be missed. “Holly is a hard worker, and she works late into the night to see that the Co-op is a success,” Hendrix said.

Norm Brones, president of the co-op board of directors, expressed gratitude in a recent email to co-op members.

“As a co-founder and tireless force for the co-op, Holly was instrumental in creating this unique organization that benefits so many of us. Her efforts have been Herculean and it will take many many volunteers to fill her shoes. We wish Holly the best in her new endeavors and know that she will be very successful in all that she does,” Brones said.

Future projects for the co-op include aligning with the state's EBT program in order to begin accepting food stamps.

Donations from FFR Co-op member/owners have created a scholarship fund for members unable to afford the co-op's annual membership fee. The FFR is also creating a voucher program, endowed by the co-op’s Amazon Affiliate fees, to supplement the cost of food for EBT recipients, thereby providing access to healthy, fresh food to more members of the Key Peninsula community.

Regardless of what the popular business chooses to focus on next, it is clear that Hendrick will be missed. “It will take a lot of volunteers to do her work,” said Dee Hendrix. “It's going to be a big learning curve for what she did.”

“I volunteered over 1500 hours to the FFR Co-op in 2013, so, in the immediate future I am looking forward to spending more time with my friends and family,” said Hendrick. “I'm particularly excited to help my wife, Denise, expand the scope of our historical costuming and embroidery business, “Romantic Recollections,” she said.

“It has been an honor working alongside everyone to launch, and grow, this wonderful local food business, supporting our regional food producers, and connecting with the greater food, farming, and cooperative communities,” Hendrick added.