Healing with the hands and mind


Danielle V. Klenak, KP News

Sleep deprivation leads woman to art of hypnosis and other alternative healing methods

Lauren Swanberg, a Reiki healer, Past Life Regression therapist, as well as a Life Between Life counselor, has found the one thing some people spend a lifetime (sometimes more than one) trying to find: purpose.

It all started in 1978 while Swanberg, a native Washingtonian originally from Tacoma, was working two jobs in Texas. Living off less and less sleep working as a caterer and a hotel manager, she started talking to the hotel’s security guard one night, and found out he was working four jobs. When pressed as to how he found the time to sleep, he explained he managed to pack in what felt like eight hours of sleep into two hours every night through hypnosis.

Enticed to learn more about living on less sleep without the obvious physical repercussions, she began to explore the realm of self-hypnosis. This was the springboard that led her into the different practices she now teaches and utilizes.

Reiki is a form of healing done through hands, the result being a “balancing, as well as overall well-being,” she says. There are three levels in Reiki, the first teaches you to heal yourself, the second allows you to send energy to others regardless of distance, and the third, mastery that gives you the qualifications to teach.

Out of curiosity, Swanberg, her sister and brother-in-law began attending Reiki training while in Hawaii. As they excelled to the second phase, they decided to test the possibility of sending energy to someone. Her mother, back in Washington, had breast cancer. At 10 p.m. every night, the three of them focused their energy on her. Several days later, Swanberg spoke to her over the phone to find that since they’d begun their work, she had been waking up at midnight (10 p.m. on Hawaii time) totally energized and unable to go back to sleep. The experience solidified Swanberg’s instincts that this was the right path for her. She is now a master Reiki practitioner, and teaches all levels of Reiki certification.

Her favorite form of healing, however, is past life regression. She says it’s unique work, whether one believes in reincarnation or not. She believes that humans develop patterns over many lives, and these patterns manifest themselves as physical ailments, addictions, as well as within relationships. She enjoys the multifaceted nature of past life regression, because “everyone’s different. No regression is the same.

”When a young woman came to Swanberg out of pure curiosity, the woman, during a state of hypnosis, began to recount her life in the 1800s in San Francisco, writing under an assumed pen name. She also recited names of her family members, as well as intricate details, including street names, of the city at the time.

They explored the Mormon Genealogy site, where Swanberg claims they found not only the real name of the woman her client said she was, but also the names of the family members she had recited during the session.

Swanberg has had a number of other incidents, particularly within her groups of students, where an individual will recount a past life that seems to intertwine or parallel a past life of another within the class. For those who have never tried hypnosis, she explains that being hypnotized feels like nothing more than “reading a good book, or driving in your car and missing the exit; it’s an extreme level of focus.” The person remains in control at all times but feels tremendously relaxed.

Her exploration of these arts has taken her to a number of different states, but she has settled in Longbranch because she adores being out in nature and the serenity of the woods. While she was looking for a place to set up her practice, she looked into an office space in Key Center but found the volume of her clients resided in Tacoma or Gig Harbor, although some do come from the Key Peninsula. She has chosen to work in Gig Harbor as a meeting point between the two places, calling her practice Positive Results Healing Arts.

At least one of Swanberg’s students took the art to the next level—Bonny Snyder, also a Key Pen resident, who attended her classes then became certified herself, and joined Positive Results as a Reiki master and hypnotherapist.