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The power of sharing


To everything there is a season and so begins the magical wonder of winter holidays. No other time of year is filled with such a deep sense of nostalgia and a desire to turn back the clock to simpler times. Whether you celebrate the coming winter solstice, Hanukkah or Christmas — this season is focused on bringing light to darkness.

It’s a wonderful time of year. Homes are transformed with twinkling strings of light, the smell of fir, pine and cedar mix with gingerbread baking in the oven. Holiday recipes from dog-eared old cookbooks with grandma’s handwritten notes for buttery cookies handed down over generations.

But these shortened days and long cold nights weigh heavily on some of us. Rather than eager anticipation for a jolly good time, it feels more like staring hopelessly into the abyss. Our senses seem dulled, our reactions are slowed. Nothing feels good, nothing seems right. It seems like everyone is happy except for us.

You are not alone. There are others who struggle as you do. Everyone has feelings that matter, especially you. This holiday, someone is grieving their loved ones, heartbroken to spend their first — or another — Christmas without them.

There are others who feel or have felt this way too. Reach out, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talking with others who have experienced these feelings makes a world of difference. When we feel like this, it can seem like things will never change, but life is not so absolute and the heightened sense of loneliness does not last forever.

Each of us experiences life in our own season.

There is help for almost every problem from support groups — people who relate to where we are right now. The reassurance that comes from fellowship with others who share similar circumstances is immeasurable.

Social service organizations can provide resources specific to challenges with raising children, food insecurity, medical and dental needs, and the needs of aging and those with disabilities. Whether low-cost senior lunches or backpacks for kids filled with enough food to last the weekend, it all helps.

For Key Penners, today is not so unlike the days of old, with neighbors helping neighbors. We work together to resolve problems and achieve goals we couldn’t alone. We stick together in good times and bad.

At Key Peninsula News we believe our work is vital to connect people by delivering the reliable local news you can depend on. Our stories not only delight but engage readers from all walks of life to learn more about the depth and quality of life here, to discover the richness and knowledge that lies beneath the surface.

Our community is strengthened when we understand everyone's viewpoint, even those with diverse backgrounds, lifestyle and beliefs. When we listen to each other, we're all better for it.

Each month our community calendar is filled with the events of nonprofit groups and organizations that provide resources and activities to enhance our lives in addition to opportunities for fellowship and fun for all ages.

We support local business owners by providing a platform to advertise, reaching you, their local customer. The question, “How did you hear about our business?” is often followed by the familiar words, “I read about you in Key Peninsula News.” That’s how it works, you have a need, they have a solution, everyone benefits.

The number of nonprofit businesses and groups in our community is astonishing. How would we know they exist without the Key Peninsula News? There are fantastic groups and organizations that work to make life better. And what better way to discover how you can participate and weave yourself into the fabric of life that sustains us. ;

Your continued support and appreciation for Key Peninsula News sustains us. You let us know what you think with spontaneous fan letters and notes of encouragement and criticism. We meet each other in person and you reach out to tell us our work makes a difference in your life. Record-breaking donations are funding our financial health and our growth like never before. 

The future is uncertain for newspapers across the country, yet we remain optimistic because of you.

No matter how you celebrate the coming season of darkness, share with someone, anyone. Give of yourself no matter where you are. The heartwarming miracle of the holidays lies in the power of sharing.