In Support of Randy Spitzer


I have followed Randy Spitzer's journey to become our 26th Legislative District representative with great admiration and respect. I have long known Randy and his wife, Laurie, as fellow educators. Their careers have been long, laudable and committed to students, teachers and families.

When I asked Randy to speak with our Kiwanis Club in Manchester, he willingly joined our group in a full-fledged and honest discussion of issues and values. He had a clear vision for solving some of the current problems facing our state: compliance with the McCleary decision to fund education and fixing our tax system, which overtaxes seniors and the middle class. Randy talked about our failing infrastructure and the inability of legislators to collaborate across party lines. Randy's experience as a trusted business adviser and certified financial planner are tools he will use wisely to solve these problems.

Party politics aside, I believe we need a moderate and knowledgeable voice in the Washington State Legislature. I am voting for Randy Spitzer, and I urge you to do the same.

Elizabeth Drew

Port Orchard


I have known Randy Spitzer for many years. We’ve served on several boards together. What impresses me about Randy is his ability to quickly grasp the issues, cut through the rhetoric and propose innovative solutions to difficult problems. He is the kind of leader we need as our 26th Legislative District representative.

As a former educator, Randy understands the complexities of the McCleary decision, the inaction by our Legislature and the imposition of $100,000 daily fines for their failure to fund K-12 education. He’s committed to properly and fully funding our state education system and ending the excessive focus on standardized testing.

As a businessman and certified financial planner, Randy knows fiscal responsibility. He’s for lowering property taxes for the middle class and seniors and eliminating loopholes in Business & Occupation taxes that allow entire industries to avoid paying taxes. He’s committed to make the state’s transportation department more efficient by streamlining purchases and operations. He knows that long-term planning saves money.

We need a hard-working legislator dedicated to bringing legislators from both sides of the aisle together to pass sensible legislation that addresses the major issues affecting our state. That person is Randy Spitzer. He has my vote. I hope he has yours.

 Al Abbott

Gig Harbor


On government spending and taxes, state Rep. Michelle Caldier doesn't understand her district's priorities. She's spent so much time in Olympia for special sessions that she hasn't had time to talk with the people she represents.

Rep. Caldier voted no on several bills while claiming she was protecting taxpayers, yet she has done nothing to fix our broken system. We have the most regressive tax structure of any state in our nation. Middle-class people and seniors in our area pay a tax rate five or six times higher than billionaires in our state do. We don't need Band-Aid fixes; we need tax reform that brings real tax fairness. It's time for a change.

Voters would do well to support Randy Spitzer. He has faced hard times and pulled himself up with hard work. He understands small business and has advocated for a fiscally responsible approach to our state spending priorities. If we're going to move away from the Legislature's inaction, we need to elect Randy.

RoxAnne Simon