Key Peninsula Community Council – Candidates


Staff Report

Election June 26, 2004 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Candidate Information (Alphabetically by Area):

The following information was submitted by Candidates for the 14 Director positions. In order to present a fair, concise statement, some editing was done by a person who is not a Candidate.

Election Supervision:

The KPC Election is being overseen by two (2) appointed Election Supervisors, not residents of the Key Peninsula, to insure a fair, open and honest election. The KPC is not part of Pierce County. It is not a government agency, has no taxing or regulatory authority; and is a voluntary, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life.

Area 1: Candidates – Vote for 4

Domoni Glass

Tracy Glenn

Russ Humberd

Ben Thompson

Area 2: Candidates – Vote for 4

Rick Sorrels

Ed Taylor

Richard Thompson

Barb Trotter

Dana Webster

Area 3: Candidates – Vote for 3

Dani Anderson

Joyce Tovey

Arlene Williams

Area 4: Candidates – Vote for 3

Denise Carron

Jeff Harris

Shane Hostetler

Hugh McMillan

Candidate Biographical Information

For Each Candidate – Provided by Candidates (edited for space)

1. Why would this person be a good Key Peninsula Council representative? and

2. Candidate’s involvement with other activities/organizations on the Key Peninsula

Area 1: Candidates (alphabetical order)

Domoni Glass

1. Landowner and business owner; Wants to represent the interests of residents; Background in planning; Professional fish biologist; Experience with planning councils; familiar with governmental regulations on environment, planning and funding.

2. Goals: Orderly growth, protection of existing resources, provision of parks, trails and other recreational opportunities; Development of proper infrastructure to support expected growth; Attracting jobs, good schools and related programs; and Maintaining unique rural feeling.

Tracy Glenn

1. Resident and mother of 3. Very interested in improving the quality of community life on the Key Peninsula. I will be an independent thinker, but strongly believe in becoming a member of the team when decisions are made. My interests include traffic, tourism – the KP as a destination, increased youth and family activities.

2. I have been involved in a variety of activities focusing on children including Little League, Dressage Club, and horse shows.

Russell (Russ) Humberd

1. Desire to improve the quality of life on the KP including: Improving the image of the KP and build strong relationships with KP organizations and Pierce County; Improved police coverage, strong stance on drugs and a place and activities for kids. Our community should be an example in the state as a safe and thriving area.

2. Working for parks, coaching baseball and football, improving safety of children at school and giving time freely to help kids.

Ben Thompson

1. Retired engineer. Interested in parks, transformation of the KP to a quality community, and crime prevention

2. Chair - Key Peninsula Metro Parks Formation Committee

Area 2: Candidates (alphabetical order)

Richard Sorrels

1. Member of Organizing Committee and initial Board of Directors. Major contributor to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Home owner, landowner and business owner.

2. Concerned with creating a balance between community needs, protecting the rights of property owners from the intrusion of government.

Edward Taylor

1. To improve parks, transformation of the KP community, better employment opportunities, improved police protection and increased livability.

2. KP Fair Association (Board Member/past Chair); KP Civic Center Association – Board member and past President; KP Council founding member; KP Business Association – past President; and KP Parks and Recreation District – past Chair and citizens advisory committee

Richard Thompson

1 & 2. I have been like so many of the rest of the community - uninvolved and inactive in what happens in the area. With all the growth and changes, it is time to preserve and improve our community. I would like to be the voice of the average citizen who wishes to focus on making improvements to the Key area(s), which are important to us.

Barb Trotter

1. I have been a resident of the Key Peninsula for over 20 years. I am interested in being part of a group to influence changes that affect the future of our community. We need a stronger voice in Pierce County in terms of growth, police protection, transportation, and youth programs. My goal is to contribute to the livability and stability of the KP community.

2. Peninsula School District Board of Directors, Past President and Chair of 3 School Levy Campaigns, Past President of Peninsula High Booster Club; Past President of Vaughn PTA; Past President of KP Middle School PTA; Current Parent Representative to the Superintendent's Cabinet; Coach of the PHS Speech & Debate Team; Past Member of Lake Holiday Board of Trustees; Past Business Manager for the KP News and Past Board Member of Key Peninsula Civic Center Association

Dana Webster

1. The KP Community Council can assist with establishment of a master plan for expected growth and development of the KP and allow the community to be proactive. I would like to assist with the process of learning and supporting the Key Peninsula citizens. I would research successful growth plans, such as Gig Harbor, for our Peninsula. I would like to serve as facilitator over the initiation of the comprehensive plan.

2. Rocky Bay, its tributary creeks and land around it, is a vital environmental resource to the KP. As a resident on the Rocky Bay (Area 2) I am aware of the strong identities of Longbranch, Lakebay, Key Center and Vaughn. Residents in the northwest have not established a strong community alliance. I plan to serve this area as a representative voice. Both Areas 1 and 2 are gateways to the Key Peninsula. The standards set for these areas directly impact the whole Peninsula.

Area 3: Candidates (alphabetical order)

Danna Anderson

1. Long time resident. Concerned about maintaining the quality of life on the KP. Support development that does not compromise the life style of the residents on fixed incomes or over tax the infrastructure of our county. I want to maintain the quality of our schools and activities for our children within the current budget.

2. President, Jackson Lake Property Owners Association and various senior citizen activities.

Joyce Tovey

1. Desire to continue active involvement in the organization of the Key Peninsula Community Council and to help it grow to become a viable and influential force for the KP. Lived and worked on the KP for nearly 30 years and feel the KP needs a single organization to speak for its overall needs and direction rather than being linked with Gig Harbor

2. Key Peninsula Business Association and Dr. Penrose Orthopedic Guild

Arlene Williams

1. To improve essential services (police protection and response time), bus service, roads and other areas of need; Maintain our “country” lifestyle without having a convenience store or fast food outlet on every corner

2. Volunteer for Children’s Home Society; Key Peninsula Community Council - Organizing Committee and Secretary

Area 4: Candidates (alphabetical order)

Denise Carron

1. My real interest is to understand and represent the public’s goals for the KP, by supporting and stimulating community involvement to improve our quality of life on the Key Peninsula. My husband and I relocated to Longbranch from Federal Way. We enjoy the rural quaintness this area offers. This is “the place to live”.

2. I work at the Washington Corrections Center for Women as the Plant Manager for facilities and grounds maintenance. Working locally keeps me close to our community. I was the editor of the LIC newsletter and was nominated as 2002 Citizen of the Year. I joined the KP Community Council Organizing Committee in Fall 2002, serving as chairman of Needs Assessment. Our team created the 2004 KP Resident Survey to assess Key Peninsula needs. The results will be published in the Key Pen News July edition. This survey will help us understand residents’ vision for the KP’s future. By living, working and volunteering in the community, I am in touch with our community needs.

Jeff Harris

1. To provide continuity of vision and knowledge of the KPC purpose and potential; To help the KPC gain credibility in the community and region; Passion for/belief in the ability of KP people to improve the quality of life; To insure that the Key Peninsula Comprehensive Plan and the KPC are in agreement to the extent possible; Extensive professional and personal experience in community development.

2. 10 year KP resident, retired, born in Tacoma/raised in Washington; Former Director Communities in Schools of Peninsula; Former General Manager, Custom Camera; Member: KP Business Association, Impact (domestic violence) and Metro Parks Committee. Volunteer involvement in KP Middle School; PHS, Business Week and TCC Adult Basic Education, KP Fair - Fundraising and Board, Economic Development group; Co-Chair Key Peninsula Community Council Organizing Committee.

Shane Hostetler

1. To help in any way possible to maintain the quality of life on the KP. As a 36 year resident I have seen numerous changes. I think that with wisdom and foresight we can keep this high quality of life for current residents as well as the new families that are moving onto the KP.

2. Volunteer for youth programs at Lakebay Community Church.

Hugh McMillan

1. Long time resident who knows the Key Peninsula. Involved as a volunteer with many organizations serving the Key Peninsula. Volunteer reporter for the Peninsula Gateway focusing on kids issues.

2. Volunteer including various supportive and leadership positions in KP Lions, KP Fire District 16; Communities in Schools of Peninsula, Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Committee, Peninsula Education Foundation, Citizens Against Crime, Prison Pet Partnership Program and many other organizations and activities.

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