Key Peninsula Fire Department Report

Staff Report


A summary of emergency responses for the week of: Oct .19 – Nov. 18, 2009 Total Calls: 141 EMS: 111 Fire/service: 30 Injury car accidents: 12

Oct 19 Key Peninsula firefighters responded to a 74-year-old Key Peninsula resident whose family member stated he was not himself.  Patient had to receive medications by IV and was then transported priority to a Gig Harbor facility.... Oct 20 A school bus pulling to the side of the road near the Kitsap county line got too far over.  Once the bus was off the pavement the soft shoulder gave way causing the bus to slide into the ditch.  Embarrassing but non-injury.  A passerby call 911 and medics responded to investigate. Oct 21 A Vaughn resident was rather surprised to find a disoriented 75-year-old woman sleeping in her car in his driveway.  The woman was examined by Medics and identified by deputies as a missing person.  The woman’s apparent attempt to drive to her son’s home in Washougal brought her into Vaughn. Oct 22   Aside from their normal duties of day Career and Volunteer Firefighters prepared for a natural disaster following counterparts throughout Pierce County.  The scenario presented by the Tacoma Fault earthquake would leave the KP isolated with a fracture along the entire north line of the KP, causing much consternation by our KP firefighters in classroom exercises. Oct 24 While driving his Suburban along SR302 toward his Carney Lake-area home, a 36-year-old man noticed his brakes were “sticking”.  At Creviston Drive NW the rear brake caught fire.  Fortunately he was just a few blocks from the fire station and firefighters were able to save the vehicle. Oct 28 An accident on SR302 near Danforth Drive NW slowed the morning commute for KP drivers. Oct 29 While Key Peninsula firefighters were transporting two separate medical patients to hospitals, Gig Harbor firefighters assisted by extricating a woman and her dog from the side of an embankment.  With Key Peninsula no longer able to fund the high angle rescue team such assistance would have been needed regardless.  The woman and her dog were uninjured. Oct 30 Key Peninsula Firefighters responded to a local medical facility to find a Key Peninsula resident with difficulty breathing.  After the facility had examined the patient they found the patient to be having a dangerous heart rhythm. The patient was transported priority to the nearest facility that could handle the patient’s symptoms. Oct 31 The ghouls struck the Key Peninsula Fire election signs on Halloween evening.  Fire department related election signs were removed from around the Key Peninsula and all re-erected at one location, the 6000 block of Lackey Rd KPN.  About 50 signs stood on the “grassy knoll.” Nov 1 Firefighters responded in the early afternoon to a t-bone type car accident with injuries at the entrance to Evergreen Elementary School. Medics transported a 25-year-old Spanaway woman to a Tacoma hospital. Nov 2 A 79-year-old Horseshoe Lake woman was treated and transported to a local Emergency Room following an episode of shortness of breath. Interaction between multiple medicines was believed to be the cause of the woman’s symptoms. Nov 3 Firefighters responded to a report of carbon monoxide detector activation.  Investigation found no actual carbon monoxide just a faulty detector. Nov 4 A Key Peninsula resident fell and hit their head.  Key Peninsula firefighters responded and transported the patient to a Gig Harbor facility.  The woman was intoxicated and had an altercation with the police. Nov 5 In the early morning rush hour firefighters responded to two separate car accidents at the same time on Key Peninsula Highway.   In the first, at Lackey Road, the driver was uninjured and refused transport by ambulance.   The second, near Key Peninsula Middle School, the driver was transported by ambulance to a Tacoma hospital for treatment of injuries. Nov 7 The wife of a 73-year-old Wauna man witnessed his “eyes roll back into his head” followed by a “jerky” type motion, she then called 911.  By the time medics arrived the man was feeling fine and refused medical care.  He was told of the witnessed activity, which convinced him to go to the hospital. Nov 8 A 50-year-old Wauna woman who had not been seen for several days was found disoriented in her apartment.   The woman, who lived alone, had a history of mental illness.  She was transported to a Tacoma hospital for evaluation. Nov 9 A 30-year-old Longbranch man with a history of diabetic problems was found unresponsive by his girlfriend.  Medics checked his blood sugar and administered medications but the man quickly slipped back into an altered mental state.  He was taken to a local Hospital for further treatment. Nov 10 Key Peninsula firefighters responded to a woman lying on the floor in her house.  The reporting party had found the residence locked.  Firefighters found a window open and were able to gain access without causing damage to the home.  The patient was transported to a Gig Harbor facility. Firefighters responded to an auto accident at SR302 and Wright Bliss Rd KPN.   Two patients were transported to a Tacoma hospital, while seven others refused treatment. Nov 12 A man in his 20’s, who admitted to drinking, drove his pickup into the side of a house in the Palmer Lake neighborhood.  The driver was transported to an area hospital for treatment of his injuries. Nov 13 Firefighters and paramedics responded to a vehicle that left the road in the Wauna curves and struck a tree causing severe damage to the car.  Firefighters extinguished a fire in the engine compartment and extricated the 54-year-old Des Moines man.  He was then treated and transported to a trauma center for multiple injuries. Nov 14 A 62-year-old Longbranch man became weak and fell to the floor prompting his wife to call 9-1-1.  The man who was just released from the hospital the day prior refused treatment. Nov 15 A report to the unstaffed Wauna Fire Station stated a car accident had just occurred West of the station on SR302.  Home and Gig Harbor Firefighters responded to find two vehicles parked on the shoulder after one of the vehicles had crossed the centerline glancing off the other.  No injuries were reported. Nov 16 A car struck a power poll in Lake Holiday.  The 50-year-old man stated that he was reaching onto the floor to pick up something when the incident occurred.  He had minor injuries though the car was totaled. Nov 17 A 62-year-old Lakebay man lost control of his car on Key Peninsula Highway near Whiteman Rd.  The vehicle left the road and struck a tree.  Key Peninsula Fire Medics extricated the man from his vehicle and took him to a Tacoma Trauma Center.