Key Peninsula Fire Department Report

Staff Report

For the period of:

Nov.15 to Dec. 15, 2012

Total Calls: 140 EMS: 102 Fire/service: 11 Other: 27 Nov. 15 Crews responded to the aid of a 77-year-old female in the Creviston area who was experiencing a severe headache. The woman was treated and transported to St. Anthony Hospital. Nov. 18 Firefighters responded to a home near Key Center where a 1-year-old had been choking on crackers, causing her to vomit. Her father had cleared her airway before units arrived. Key Peninsula Medic One examined the girl and found she required no further treatment. Nov. 20 A 30-year-old homeless man developed chest pain and fainting episodes at a location near Carney Lake. Paramedics attached the cardiac monitor to him and found his heart racing at an unsafe rate. The man received an electric shock from a defibrillator to stabilize his heart rate, and was transported to a local hospital for further treatment. Nov. 22 A Lakebay woman called 911 after drinking a bottle of moonshine and taking a large amount of insulin and several prescription pain pills. She was evaluated at scene and transported by ambulance to an area hospital for further evaluation and treatment. Nov. 24 Crews responded to the Lakebay area for an automatic fire alarm activation. The information provided by dispatch said a smoke detector was sounding and there was no answer at the residence when dispatch tried to reach the occupants. Upon arrival at the scene, fire crews learned the smoke detector activation was caused by food cooking on a stove. There was not a fire hazard at the scene. Nov. 26 A 52-year-old Elgin woman sought medical attention for chest pain. She was treated and transported to St. Anthony Hospital. Nov. 27 Firefighters were called to a Key Center home where a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm was sounding. Arriving firefighters tested all rooms with a gas detector and found no CO buildup. Further investigation revealed a CO detector past its expiration date, causing a chirp to alert the homeowner to replace the unit. Dec. 1 Traffic was tied up for one hour following a collision at the Elgin Clifton and KP Highway intersection. Both female drivers declined medical attention. No drugs or alcohol were believed to be involved. Dec. 5 A 13-year-old Lakebay girl sustained a minor neck injury while she was training with a wrestling team at Key Peninsula Middle School. She was treated and transported to St. Anthony Hospital for further evaluation. Dec. 6 A 50-year old Gig Harbor man allegedly swerved to avoid a deer crossing the road, causing him to lose control of his vehicle. He crossed the centerline, hit an embankment and rolled back into traffic, blocking one lane for about an hour. The driver was not injured. The deer, although reportedly quite frightened, managed to escape uninjured. Dec. 7 Crews responded to the Wauna area for a motor vehicle collision. Upon arrival, a car was found up against the embankment with a 17-year-old girl in the driver's seat. She was in stable condition and was treated and transported to St. Anthony hospital. The cause of the incident was unknown. Dec. 8 Firefighters responded to a report of a car into a tree at the 13800 block of SR-302. The female driver failed a field sobriety test and was placed under arrest by WSP. The woman was subsequently transported by ambulance to an area hospital for evaluation of non-life threatening injuries. Dec. 10 A 59-year-old Gig Harbor woman was driven to the Key Center fire station after developing chest pain and feeling ill. Key Peninsula Medic One transported her to a local hospital for additional treatment. Dec. 15 Firefighters responded to a private residence where a 21-year-old female had ingested a large amount of alcohol and become violent and combative. The woman was restrained by Sheriff's deputies and firefighters and transported by ambulance to an area hospital for evaluation.