Key Peninsula Fire Department Report

Staff Report

For the period of: Jan. 15 to Feb. 15, 2013

Total Calls: 136 EMS: 87 Fire/service: 19 Other: 30 Jan. 17 Crews responded to Lake Holiday for a chimney fire that ended up being contained to the chimney, and not extending to surrounding combustible materials. The residual creosote in the flue had burned intensely, shooting fire from the top of the chimney and causing the occupants of the home to evacuate for safety reasons. Firefighters extinguished the fire in the stove and the fire lingering in the flue, as well as checking the structure for fire extension. Citizens are reminded to burn seasoned firewood in an effort to limit the build-up of creosote, and to conduct regular cleaning and inspection of the flue. Jan. 18 A 92-year-old man from Home was found on the floor near his back door by a caregiver when she came for her daily visit. The man had tripped over the cane that he hung on his walker. When ask if anything hurt the man stated that only his pride was damaged. He was assisted to a chair and left in good care at home. Jan. 19 A citizen reported seeing paper lanterns floating in the air and launching sparks near their home. A fire department engine crew responded to find that a group of people celebrating the life of their dear, deceased friend had lofted the floating fire lanterns in their friend's honor. The lanterns had a firing device in them that created hot air to lift the lanterns and then would drop to the ground when the firing device burned up, and the lanterns would bio-degrade. All but one of the lanterns landed on the ground cold. The one that was still smoldering when it landed did not cause a subsequent fire but did pose a hazard. Citizens are reminded to use caution when using these types of devices to ensure fire safety. Jan. 20 A Lakebay man in his 70s called 911 after his implanted defibrillator discharged. He was found to have an unstable cardiac rhythm and was transported priority by ambulance to an area hospital for treatment. Jan. 21 Key Peninsula units and Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies responded to reports of a suicide attempt. The patient was evaluated and stabilized at the scene and was transported to an area hospital for further treatment. Jan. 22 Four children and one adult male were transported by two Key Peninsula and one Gig Harbor medic units after the pickup truck they were riding in was involved in a rollover collision. Reports indicated the eastbound pickup failed to negotiate the Wauna curve, struck a dirt embankment and rolled onto its side. The driver, who fled on foot before units arrived, may have been intoxicated. Despite the father's statement that the children were restrained, the appearance of the truck's interior along with statements made by the children indicated none of them were restrained. None of the injuries were life-threatening. Washington State Patrol investigated. Jan. 24 The parents of a 20-year-old Lakebay woman called 911 after she experienced a seizure. The parents were seeking an assessment only, and did not wish the child to be transported. The paramedic consulted a hospital physician and received permission to leave the woman at home in care of the parents. Jan. 26 Crews responded to a female resident with a diabetic problem. Paramedics were able to administer medicine at the scene to stabilize the patient, and she was able to remain home. Jan. 28 Multiple units responded to reports of a male with extreme respiratory distress. The patient was quickly transported from the scene, and paramedics rendezvoused with additional manpower for the urgent transport to a local hospital. Jan. 29 Family members called 911 twice within 45 minutes to assist a 78-year-old Lakebay man who was too weak to move without help. Each time, firefighters helped the man to a safe location and was left in the care of family. He did not require transport to a hospital. Jan. 31 A 52-year-old Lakebay woman injured her ankle the day before, but the pain and swelling persisted despite treatment with ice and anti-inflammatory analgesics. At the time she decided to call 911, both on-duty Key Peninsula Medic One units were on other medical aid calls. KPFD firefighters responded to her call and requested a Gig Harbor Medic One unit for transport to a local hospital. Feb. 2 Two medic units, a fire engine and a battalion chief converged in the Vaughn area for a reported motorcycle accident Saturday night. The 911 caller indicated that a 56-year-old male motorcycle rider had laid down his bike and sustained injuries. Units searched the area but were unable to locate the collision site. Eventually, a citizen contacted a firefighter to report that the motorcyclist had righted his bike and sped away. Units returned to their respective areas. Feb. 4 Crews responded to an incident where a 67-year-old man was experiencing behavioral issues and was intending to harm himself. County Sheriff's deputies responded to the scene and were able to control the man with the help of a taser. The man was treated and transported to an emergency facility for further evaluation and treatment. No one was harmed during the incident. Feb. 6 Crews responded to the aid of a semi-conscious 67-year-old woman in the Minter area. The woman was home with her husband and was in stable condition when the responding KPFD medic unit treated and transported her to St. Anthony Hospital. Feb. 7 A 20-year-old man was having an emotionally difficult time and was beginning to inflict harm upon himself when family members called 911 for assistance. The man was treated and transported to St. Anthony Hospital for further evaluation and treatment. Feb. 8 A 71-year-old Lakebay man was experiencing lower abdominal pain while at home with family members. He was treated and transported to St. Anthony Hospital by Key Peninsula Medic One for further evaluation and care. Feb. 9 Firefighters responded to a 3 a.m. motor vehicle accident in the 11800 block of Creviston Drive NW, where a man in his 20's failed to negotiate a curve and struck a power pole. The man was extricated from his vehicle and transported by ambulance to the hospital for evaluation of his injuries. Alcohol is suspected to be a factor in the accident.