Key Peninsula Fire Department report

Staff Report

For the period

March 15 to April 15, 2013

Total Calls: 123 EMS: 85 Fire/service: 15 Other: 23 March 17 Firefighters and a Washington State Patrol trooper were sent to investigate a man slumped over the steering wheel of a silver Mercedes on the Purdy sand spit. The trooper arrived first and found the man did not require medical attention. The fire department units were canceled en route March 19 Key Peninsula Medic One was called to a local church where a 77-year-old woman became briefly disoriented. Paramedics found the woman sitting in a chair, oriented and adamantly refusing to go to a hospital. The woman has a lengthy medical history and described experiencing similar episodes in the past. She signed an "against medical advice" form and was left with caregivers. Mach 23 Key Peninsula Medic One was called to a local food bank for a worker injured in a collapse of shelves. A 44-year-old woman was stocking food shelves when one shelf collapsed and pinned her arm between that shelf and another. She was extricated by co-workers and did not loss consciousness or suffer other injuries. Paramedics transported her to a local hospital for X-rays and additional treatment. March 25 A 92-year-old Wauna woman was transported to a local hospital after failing to recover satisfactorily two weeks after a concussion. The woman was having trouble getting around her house and requested treatment and evaluation. March 26 A 41-year-old Lakebay woman stopped by the Home fire station for evaluation of flu-like symptoms. She complained of nausea and cold sweats. She requested ambulance transport to a local hospital by Key Peninsula Medic One. March 28 Firefighters were dispatched to a Vaughn residence for an activated "medical alert" pendant. The contracted company was unable to reach anyone at the house, so they called 9-1-1 to have a medic crew investigate. Firefighters arrived to find a 92-year-old woman had fallen in the yard and was unable to get back up without assistance. She was not injured and was assisted to the patio. March 30 A Key Peninsula resident stopped at the Home fire station requesting an evaluation for symptoms of a rapid heart rate. Her cardiac arrhythmia was stabilized and she was transported to an area hospital for further evaluation and treatment. April 1 Between treating and transporting multiple medical patients on the first day of April, the crew from the Wauna station also responded to reports of a bonfire under the Purdy Bridge. These fires are illegal, and the smoke from them has great potential to obscure the vision of drivers overhead. The pair of firefighters extinguished the fire using the specialized brush truck. April 2 Firefighters responded to a report of a trailer fire. Crews found a transient using a makeshift wood stove in a small travel trailer to heat and cook. Firefighters extinguished the fire, and the man was taken into custody by Sheriff's deputies. April 3 Multiple units were dispatched to reports of a cabin fire on SR-302. A small fire was found next to the cabin, and was able to be extinguished by a single engine company. April 4 A 64-year-old Lakebay woman called 9-1-1 when she experienced difficulty breathing. She had other underlying medical problems which may have provoked the trouble breathing. Key Peninsula Medic One transported her to a local hospital for further treatment. April 8 Along with physical training and medical classroom time, the shift was kept busy with multiple incidents requiring stabilization, treatment and transport of patients to area hospitals. Among those, a Lake of the Woods man was afflicted with several medical issues, requiring emergency medical aid. He was evaluated, treated, and transported to an area hospital. April 10 A 90-year-old woman of the Wauna area was found by neighbors on her bedroom floor in a semi-conscious state. The woman had, apparently, been down on the floor for about two days and was mildly hypothermic upon arrival of firefighters. She was treated and transported to St Anthony hospital for further treatment. April 11 A concerned neighbor called 9-1-1 after noticing that an elderly woman's sedan had not left the driveway in a couple of weeks. A Sheriff's deputy investigated the report and banged on the windows and doors without a response from the woman. A fire engine was dispatched to assist in forcing entry in the home. A firefighter was able to crawl in an unlocked window and expected to find the worst. Instead, the woman woke up and was fine. No further action was required. April 15 Firefighters responded to an automatic fire alarm at an area camp. Upon investigation, the alarm was proven to be false. Firefighters assisted with resetting the alarm.