Key Peninsula Fire Department report

Staff Report

For the period of:

April 15 to May 15 2013

Total Calls: 131 EMS: 88 Fire/service: 16 Other: 27 April 17 Medics responded to the home of a Lakebay woman in her 80s who was found unconscious. The woman was evaluated and stabilized at scene and transported by ambulance to an area hospital for further treatment April 20 A Longbranch woman in her 60s was being driven by her friend to the hospital for evaluation of chest pain. When the pain continued to worsen they stopped at a fire station for help but the station was unstaffed. They called 911 and medics were dispatched to their location where the woman was then stabilized and transported by ambulance to the hospital. She was advised to call 911 from home and let the fire department come to her, rather than attempt to seek them out. April 22 A 93-year-old woman became disoriented and felt faint while riding in the family van. Someone called 911 to have paramedics evaluate her in the parking lot of a local strip mall. Responders found the woman to be oriented and refusing ambulance transport. She was left in the care of her husband of 70 years. April 24 Firefighters were dispatched after a 911 call was made to report a trailer fire in a residential community. The first arriving engine company found only light smoke coming from the chimney. According to the occupant, there is an on-going neighbor dispute. Firefighters have responded several times to a reported structure fire at that address only to find light smoke from the chimney each time. Chief fire officials are investigating the possible abuse of the 911 system by feuding neighbors. April 29 Firefighters responded to a 911 call from a Wauna residence where a 74-year-old man fell while negotiating his way with a new walker device. The elderly gentleman sustained multiple bumps and bruises, but most notably received significant facial trauma. Paramedics immobilized him onto a long backboard and a cervical collar and transported him to a local hospital for further treatment. May 1 An 80-year-old woman stumbled as she arrived at a senior center, causing her to fall to the ground. She sustained a bloody nose and also complained of hand pain. Key Peninsula Medic One transported her to a local hospital for further evaluation and treatment. May 8 A 51-year-old Lakebay woman with an extensive history of lung problems experienced another bout of difficulty breathing. Paramedics arrived to find her markedly short of breath and they quickly administered medications and applied a CPAP device with oxygen. Key Peninsula Medic One transported her to a local hospital in the priority mode. Her condition improved moderately before arriving at the hospital. May 10 Residents of a Longbranch home had not seen the 50-year-old man who lives in a trailer on the property since the previous night. The man had reportedly been feeling ill lately and he did have a lengthy medical history. Upon investigating, they discovered the man had passed away. Key Peninsula Medic One responded and confirmed the man had died of apparent natural causes. The case was referred to the appropriate agencies. May 12 Firefighters were called to a Lakebay residence to evaluate a 75-year-old woman who had an altered level of consciousness. Although the woman had no history of diabetes, paramedics checked her blood sugar level and found it markedly low. They started an IV and administered medication to reverse the effects. She was transported to a local hospital for further care.