Key Peninsula Fire Department report

Staff Report

For the period

July 15-August 15, 2013

Total Calls: 179 EMS: 103 Fire/service: 25 Other: 51 July 18 Crews responded to the Wauna area for a 47-year-old man who had been burned while attempting to carry a burning pan from his kitchen after grease had ignited in it. The man sustained first and second degree burns to his hands, arms and face and was treated and transported to St. Anthony hospital. July 19 Firefighters responded to a burn patient at a cell tower South of Cornwall Rd. En route a second medic unit was dispatched for a second burn patient. Arriving at scene firefighters discovered the men had been working on a propane generator when leaking propane found an ignition source and ignited a fireball burning one man's arm and the others face. Both men were treated and transported to a local hospital for further evaluation. July 21 Firefighters responded to the report of a CO alarm in a Lake of the Woods neighborhood early this morning. Arriving on scene the firefighters discovered that the residents had tested the system which apparently worked. July 23 A medic unit from the Key Peninsula spent some time in the evening today staffing Gig Harbor stations while they were engaged in fighting a brush fire on Fox Island. While there the medic unit responded with an engine to a deceased elderly woman near the Burnham Drive exit and remained on scene for several hours to assist other agencies. July 25 KPFD responded to a Lake of the Woods residence for a woman with a prolapsed rectum. Fire and EMS crews transported the woman to a Gig Harbor Hospital. July 27 Firefighters were dispatched to a local state park where a 17-foot boat had partially capsized while tied to the dock. The vessel was moored at the dock overnight. The boat owner found it still tied to the dock, but laying in its side and mostly underwater. Vessel Assist was requested by the owner before somebody made the 9-1-1 call. Vessel Assist arrived at scene and stabilized the boat. No further action required by the fire department July 28 A 57-year-old Rocky Bay woman was recently discharged from a hospital following a fainting episode. Despite her interest in recuperating at home from several ailments including cancer, she determined that she was not capable of caring for yourself due to weakness. Key Peninsula Medic One responded to her 9-1-1 call and transported her back to the hospital. July 30 Firefighters responded to a Lakebay woman Tuesday afternoon when it was reported by her husband that she had had a seizure while lying in bed. The woman had no history of seizures but was taken to a local hospital for precautionary measures when she had another seizure en route. Aug. 3 A patient and family member drove to a Key Peninsula Fire Station with an allergic reaction from multiple bee stings. The patient was taken to a Tacoma facility for treatment. Just as a reminder to all Key Peninsula citizens to call 911 and have the dire district respond to you at your residence. There is always the possibility that the station you drive to is out responding to a call and is not there and valuable time could be lost in a critical situation. Aug. 10 Firefighters were called to the aid of a Wauna woman who collapsed while gardening. The woman had no recollection of the event and no explanation as to what happened. The woman was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. Aug. 15 A Gig Harbor man was reported to have pulled over with a medical problem this morning. Fire crews were unable to locate him and after returning in service were called back to his residence where he had arrived. The man initially refused care but then called the medics back a third time to be treated at a local hospital.