Key Peninsula Fire Department report

Staff Report

For the period

June 15-July 15 2013

Total Calls: 126 EMS: 70 Fire/service: 29 Other: 27 June 6 Fire and police units responded to a two-car head-on collision in Vaughn. One vehicle was pulling out of a driveway when it was struck by another vehicle traveling with the right-of-way. There were no injuries. Pierce County Sheriff's deputies investigated while firefighters directed traffic around the crash scene. June 16 Crews from the Key Peninsula Fire Department responded to an early morning house fire in the 11200 block of 149 Ave KPN. Arriving units found the attic space of the residential unit charged with smoke and fire extending into the bedrooms. The fire was quickly brought under control limiting damage to the hallway and bedroom. The fire is suspected of being caused by an overload of the electrical system. June 20 KP Medic One responded to a local pharmacy for a 68-year-old woman who was feeling faint. The pharmacist notice that she wasn't acting appropriately and sat her down, gave her some orange juice and called for medics. The woman stated that she hadn't eaten in several days because she wasn't hungry. She was evaluated but refused to go to the hospital. After drinking the orange juice she felt better and was released. June 20 The Key Peninsula Fire Department held a training scenario for the camp counselor trainees at one of the local camps. A water rescue dummy, that submerges, was placed in the water and the alarm was activated that they had a child missing. The trainees then had to follow their procedures and their lifeguard curriculum to find the patient and do CPR. The training is good for both the camp and the fire department. The district personnel can see the way the camp operates and can evaluate their skills. Department personnel also gave them tips and advised them what we are going to be asking and doing when we arrive at the scene. June 26 Key Peninsula crews transported an elderly woman this evening who fell from her porch in the dark. The woman was taken to a local hospital for treatment. July 1 During the heat of the afternoon today Key Peninsula units responded to a report of a small brush fire in the Vaughn area. First arriving units discovered a burn pile that was the source of an apparent neighborhood dispute. Further in coming units were canceled and the initial engine handled the call. July 3 A small brush fire was sparked near Thomas Road when a firework landed in the grass at the bottom of an embankment. Winds fanned the flames and residents called 911 unable to extinguish the flames with garden hoses. Key Peninsula units utilized a brush rig to attack the flames from the top of the cliff and put out the fire. July 5 A Key Peninsula engine crew responded to the Purdy Spit to put out several spot fires and burn pits left from the previous night’s firework festivities. July 10 Firefighters responded to a reported shed fire next to a vacant house in Palmer Lake after midnight. A crew of two firefighters found a fully involved shed with radiant heat igniting the exterior wall of the vacant home on the site. Firefighters extinguished the shed fire and knocked down the exposure fire on the vacant house. Crews verified the house was vacant and that there was no extension into the building. Pierce County Fire Marshall's Office has not determined the cause, but the case remains open. There were no injuries. Building and contents loss has been valued at $6,500 July 12 An engine company was heading back to the station following a medical aid call when they came upon several people standing in the middle of a road in Minter. They found several passers-by had stopped to corral an 80-year-old woman walking down the road in pajamas and a robe. The woman suffers from dementia and had walked away from her home. A caregiver arrived at the scene and explained the woman had apparently figured out how to unlock the door to escape. The caregiver took the woman back home. July 14 Paramedics were called to a local gas station where a 20-year-old female alleged she was sexually assaulted. The assault had reportedly occurred a couple of hours earlier in Gig Harbor by an acquaintance. Police units were unavailable on other calls. Key Peninsula Medic One transported her to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment.