Key Peninsula Fire Department report

Staff Report

For the period

Aug. 15 to Sept. 15 2013

Total Calls: 144 EMS: 94 Fire/service: 21 Other: 29 Aug. 15 A Gig Harbor man was reported to have pulled over with a medical problem this morning. Fire crews were unable to locate him, and after returning in service we were called back to his residence where he had arrived. The man initially refused care but then called the medics back a third time to be treated at a local hospital. Aug. 18 Firefighters were called to a man in his 40s who was at a barbecue and drinking beer and acting strange. It was discovered that the man ate a marijuana brownie for the first time. The man was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. Aug. 21 Residents of a Wauna neighborhood called 911 after finding a 81-year-old woman wandering around, disoriented. A card was located in her pocket indicating she was a diabetic. Paramedics arrived and found the woman with a low blood sugar level and complaining of general illness. She was transported to a local hospital for follow-up care. Aug. 25 A 14-year-old girl and her parents were having challenging times when the parents felt the need for her to be evaluated for what they considered to be irrational behaviors. The girl was transported to an area hospital. Aug. 26 Firefighters were called to a 14-year-old boy who threatened to jump off the Purdy Bridge today after the Pierce County Sheriffs Department detained the patient. It was discovered that the boy was also having trouble breathing and was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. Aug. 28 Firefighters responded to a local camp where one of the campers had apparently choked on a piece of chicken. The camp counselors removed the chicken before firefighters arrived and the camper had recovered when firefighters got on scene. The camper was evaluated by medics and given an opportunity to tour the medic unit and was left at camp with counselors. Sept. 2 Firefighters responded to reports of shots fired with Pierce County Sheriffs Department at night. After arriving on scene it was found that one 19-year-old man was shot and died at the scene after what appeared to be domestic violence. Pierce County Sheriffs detectives were interviewing witnesses and gathering statements to determine what happened. Sept. 4 Key Peninsula firefighters responded to a chimney fire this evening. Firefighters extinguished the fire from the roof with a special chimney nozzle and checked for extension into the homes attic spaces. No property was lost and no one was injured during the event. Sept. 9 Key Peninsula firefighters responded to reports of a rollover motor vehicle accident early morning. After arriving on scene firefighters found a small car in the ditch being removed with the help of citizens. Everyone was out of the car and uninjured. It turns out the car had driven into the ditch and the report of a rollover was mistaken. Sept. 15 Firefighters were called to the report of a chimney fire at a Palmer Lake house late Sunday night. They arrived to find no fire at the residence and returned in service. Upon arriving at the station firefighters were called back to the scene for a burn patient. The resident at the house in question had fallen into the wood stove after firefighters left. The resident was treated for minor burns and left at scene.