Key Peninsula Fire Department Report

Staff Report

For the period of:

Dec. 15 to Jan. 15

Total Calls: 133 EMS: 86 Fire/service: 10 Other: 37 Dec. 20 Crews responded to multiple incidents on this day, including two vehicle collisions, two cardiac arrests requiring full advanced life support measures and the death of a 50-year-old man who succumbed to a long-term illness. Dec. 23 Key Peninsula firefighters responded to a Lake Holiday woman for a fall. The woman was found to have a probable hip fracture after examination by medics. The woman was treated for pain, immobilized and transported to a Tacoma-area hospital for evaluation and treatment. Dec. 25 A Lakebay man in his 60s was treated for stroke-like symptoms and transported to St. Anthony Hospital. Dec. 26 A 32-year-old Herron-area woman was seen for ingestion of rubbing alcohol. Firefighters also transported a 22-year-old woman giving birth and transported her to a local hospital. Dec. 30 Firefighters were call to the home of a 30-year-old man with a sudden onset of abdominal pain. He was treated and transported to a local hospital for evaluation. Jan. 1 Firefighters responded to reports of a residential water problem. A local man discovered a abandoned home was filling with water and was unable to shut off the water at the street. Firefighters shut off the community well or a brief period, gained access to the house and replaced a missing valve to stop the water flow. Vandalism appears to have been the cause of the water problem. Jan. 7 Key Peninsula and Gig Harbor firefighters responded to the reports of a house fire on 82nd Avenue in Wauna. Initially conflicting reports had the fire on 84th Avenue. Once on scene the Key Peninsula battalion chief determined the house was fully involved and a defensive posture was initiated to put it out. The owner of the home, a Wauna woman, received burns to her hands and face when returning into the residence to find pets and items. She was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. The cause of the blaze is still under investigation by the Pierce County Fire Marshal. Jan. 13 Firefighters responded to reports of a Lakebay man who was having trouble breathing. Once placed in the medic unit the man was found to be in a lethal heart rhythm. The man was sedated and shocked back into a normal heart rhythm and transported to a local hospital for evaluation and observation. Jan. 14 Firefighters responded to a middle aged man after being called by Pierce County Sherif Department to evaluate the mental health of a domestic violence suspect. The man was assessed by medics and transported to a local hospital for further evaluation.