Key Peninsula Fire Department Report

Staff Report

For the period of:

Jan. Feb. 15 2014

Total Calls: 133 EMS: 73 Fire/service: 19 Other: 41 Jan. 20 Medics were called to the scene of an elderly woman. The family needed help moving her onto a new mattress they had purchased. Jan. 21 Crews from the Wright Bliss and Home fire stations responded to the Lakebay area for an 18-year-old female who was distraught and had ingested multiple medications. The teen was in stable condition and was treated and transported to St. Anthony hospital for further treatment and evaluation. Jan. 25 Firefighters responded to an elderly Lakebay woman for difficulty breathing. The woman had a history of breathing problems which became worse. She was treaded by medics using a portable CPAP machine which makes breathing easier in certain emergencies. The woman was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. Jan. 26 Firefighters responded to assess a man with Pierce County Sheriffs Department who was assaulted with a baseball bat. The man was assessed and refused transportation to the hospital. Jan. 31 Crews responded to reports of smoke under the Purdy Bridge shortly after dark. Reports were stating that smoke from under the bridge was obscuring traffic on SR-302. A brush rig from the Wauna fire station responded and put out a smoldering driftwood and trash fire near the water. No one was found at scene of the fire. Jan. 31 Crews responded to the Jackson Lake area in the early morning hours to assist and elderly woman who had fallen onto the floor and needed help getting back into her wheelchair. Feb. 1 Firefighters responded to multiple reports of a motor vehicle accident around 118th Avenue and SR-302. Upon arriving on scene it was discovered that three vehicles were involved in the wreck. One car was rear ended and pushed into oncoming lanes, and hit again, while a third vehicle swerved to avoid the wreck and rolled his car. Four people were found injured and crews had to cut one woman out with power tools. A Gig Harbor Fire and Medic One unit was called to transport additional people. All involved were found to have fairly minor injuries and were transported to local facilities for evaluation. Feb. 9 Firefighters quickly extinguished a fire that started near the chimney of a home in the Minter area. The fire was held in check by a homeowner who sprayed a garden hose on the flames. Firefighters opened up the homes framing to expose the fire and stop the spread, saving the home. Feb. 13 A Lakebay woman in her 60s fell from a standing position and injured her knee, requiring the assistance of the Key Peninsula Fire Department. A medic unit and a fire engine responded to her residence and stabilized her for treatment and transport to St. Anthony Hospital. Feb. 14 A Key Peninsula fire engine responded to reports of outdoor burning. Once the engine arrived at the address it was discovered there had been a simmering neighbor dispute, which has been going on for several years. The homeowner believed he was in the right with his burning practices and was advised that although there was no burn ban on, this was considered a nuisance fire. The fire was extinguished and the engine returned in service.