Key Peninsula Fire Department reports

Staff Report

For the period of:

Nov. 15 to Dec. 15

Total Calls: 143 EMS: 87 Fire/service: 15 Other: 41 Nov. 15 Firefighters responded to a Gig Harbor woman who was ill throughout the night. Her mother called 911 in the morning for help getting her to the hospital. The woman had a history of illness and a recent rib injury and is confined to bed. Medics transported the woman to a local hospital for treatment and observation. Nov. 17 Firefighters responded to the call of a Herron Island woman for burns Sunday morning. The woman who was on home oxygen. She attempted to light incense with a match and her oxygen supply tubing got too close to the flame and ignited. The woman suffered burns to her face and hair and was transported by medic unit to a local hospital for treatment. Nov. 22 Firefighters responded a report of a rollover crash in the Vaughn area. One vehicle was found rolled over on Lackey Road, and it was discovered it was not the incident the department was called to. A second unit found the separate rollover and a woman was transported to a local hospital for evaluation, and a man was treated and left in care of PCSO. Nov. 24 Firefighters responded to a call for a woman fallen. The woman was in a church parking lot about to attend services when she stepped wrong and injured her ankle. Firefighters treated the woman's pain, splinted her ankle and transported her to a local hospital for treatment. Nov. 26 Firefighters were called to a local care facility for a man having a seizure. The man, a resident at the home. The seizure was reported by staff who worked at their. The man was treated by medics and transported to a local hospital for evaluation. Nov. 28 Thankfully, for our citizens, this Thanksgiving Day was not a busy one for Fire and EMS on the Key Peninsula. We only ran a couple of calls and neither involved a critical patient. One of our calls involved a 53-year-old woman of the Elgin area who was experiencing severe back pain. The woman was treated and transported to Tacoma General Hospital. Nov. 29 Medics responded to two reported hip injuries at the same time. One man in the Minter area had fallen causing his femur to be angulated and protrude from the hip socket. The other was 75-year-old Gig Harbor woman visiting in the Rocky Creek area. She fell causing an obvious shorting of her right leg. Both were transported to a local hospital. Dec. 1 A report of an electrical odor in a home in the Minter area was investigated by firefighters. Earlier in the day a branch had struck a wire on the road in front of the house and was repaired by the power company. Unfortunately, it had also caused a neutral wire at the house to come loose, so when power was turned back on the house wiring acted like a large heating element, burning some wiring inside the home. The power was disconnected and the power company was called before any further damage occurred. Dec. 2 A 87-year-old woman of Palmer Lake fell in her home and waited until the following day to call 911 for assistance. She was in stable condition but required treatment and transport to St. Anthony Hospital. Dec. 7 Crews responded to the Wauna area for a 23-year-old woman who had experiences seizure activity. The young woman was treated and transported to St Anthony Hospital for further evaluation and treatment. Dec. 12 Firefighters were called to the home of a Lakebay woman for a blood sugar problem. The woman's husband said she has been having a hard time maintaining her blood sugar lately and today he was having trouble arousing her. The woman was treated by EMTs and left at home in care of her husband.