Meet the people who make the KP News

Every month, these talented and dedicated folks bring the Key Peninsula News to life


It takes a lot of talent and diligence to bring Key Peninsula News to your mailbox every month. A growing group of donors help pay the bills, loyal advertisers add a significant contribution and we receive underwriting from organizations like the Angel Guild and NewsMatch.

But it takes more than a printing press and check book. Volunteers and staff generously give their time every month to manage, create, research, write, take photographs, edit, coordinate and deliver the KP News.

Here's where we spotlight the people who give their talents to help create this newspaper. If you know them, tell 'em how much their contributions mean to you. And thank them for their generosity.

Deanna Hunter, account sales

Since joining the KP News sales team in 2019, Deanna has met, worked and created friendships with most KP business owners. She helps create ideal ad schedules that help get the word out.
Her background wasn’t in media sales but she’s perfectly suited to use KP News advertising to help boost local business. As a member of the KPBA, she’s working to market local businesses and nonprofits.
Deanna and husband Mark recently celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary, explaining their young looks with “we married while in high school.“
They have two mid-thirties married children, Kristin and Justin. When not taking care of four horses, Deanna and Mark are on the trails horse/bike riding, he on bicycle, she on horseback. She also enjoys adventures with family, digging in the vegetable garden and walking her beloved dog.
Even with a life so filled with activity and rewarding pleasures, Deanna always finds time to make sure every advertiser’s needs are met and adds valuable insights to the News team.

Ed Johnson, staff photographer

Award-winning photos by Ed Johnson have appeared on the pages of KP News countless times since he joined the staff in 2010. After a couple of years “in the trenches” as he calls it, he became a member of the KP News Publishing Board and served as its president for three years.
Ed swears he hadn’t paid much attention to taking photos until he retired from his career as a data communications specialist for Lynden Transport and Logistics. He is a self-taught photographer, “after being offered lessons by my dad.”
Forever out and about capturing the beauty of Key Peninsula, he rarely leaves home without his camera. His photos have been featured in art shows, company calendars and covers of phone books. Ed loves taking scenic shots, flora and fauna, especially birds. A devoted sports fan, especially for baseball—his favorite subjects are his four grandchildren.
Around year-end, Ed’s in the kitchen making batches of his famous peanut brittle. He shared his recipe in the December 2019 KP Cooks so if you’re not among his long list of friends, you can still enjoy the nearly addictive treat.

Joseph Pentheroudakis, staff journalist, copy editor and social media editor

Joseph came to the U.S. from Greece in 1968 to enroll as a pre-med undergraduate at the University of Chicago. To the dismay of his parents, counting on having a doctor in the family, he was lured away from medicine by archeology and then linguistics, which was where he parked for his undergraduate years and graduate school in Chicago.
Somewhere in there, Joseph discovered computational linguistics and spent the next three decades writing language-processing software. Another career followed, this time in the arts, primarily printmaking and drawing, which he studied at Pratt Fine Arts Center and Gage Academy in Seattle. He said he owns the largest collection of his work.
He’s a frequent contributor to the paper as a journalist, editor, On The Wing columnist and historian. His research into the history of this place was so inspiring he’s currently completing a book on Herron Island founders and settlers.
When he’s not writing or combing archives, he works in his Herron Island studio and keeps a small garden, fenced against ever-voracious deer. In whatever time his dog Eva allows him to be away, he bikes the hills of the KP and paddles his kayak in Case Inlet.