KP Community Council 10th annual election profiles


Staff Report

For more than 10 years, the Key Peninsula Community Council (KPC) has worked to maintain and improve the quality of life on the Key Peninsula.

Monthly programs bring government and public service organization programs together to help influence the well-being of the peninsula. The KPC keeps the interests of the Key Peninsula highlighted on the agendas of these organizations.

The council supports local efforts like The School Bus Connection project, the KP Farm Tour, the Safe SR-302 project and the middle school/high school youth council. The KPC shares a partner relationship with the Land Use Advisory Commission as well as links to 15 organizations and commissions.

Each year the KPC rotates the director positions on the council by offering an election of half of the positions.

A ballot is included as an insert in this issue of the KP News for your vote for candidates in all four areas.

The 2013 slate has no contested positions, but council members are hoping citizens take time to mark and mail a ballot to show support for the work of the council body.

A spokesperson from the council said that write-in nominations have provided quality directors in past years. For these candidates, include their full name and contact information (phone/email) on the mailer.

If a position remains open after the election, the KPC board said it will nominate and elect citizens from other areas, and the term will be served with an at-large representative.

Ballots will also be available on Election Day, Sept. 22, at the Key Center Food Market from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Ballots will be counted and recorded at the Key Center Library after 4 p.m. Anyone over age 18 who lives or owns property on the Key Peninsula may vote.

Area 1: No candidates have yet been identified. Members say the council should have representation from the northern Key Peninsula (Wauna and Minter), and names of willing candidates who live in those areas may be written in on the ballot.




Area 2: Audra Garcia

“I came out to the Key Peninsula to start a family and become a member of this community in 2002. It is through my children that I am becoming anchored more securely. Now I feel that I am being pulled to become part of the council in order to promote and protect the community that I have come to love. The concerns of the community are becoming my own. I also want to assist in the development of our community as inevitable changes occur, to help in growing our community into something we can continue to be proud of.”



Area 2: Danna Webster, incumbent

“Nestled between two waters, the Key Peninsula is a beautiful, rustic, rural land with a history of self-reliant individuals willing to help a neighbor when necessary. The Key Peninsula Community Council (KPC) is dedicated to keeping it that way. KPC works to assure that government and public services respect the interests of our peninsula — top to bottom and sideways. I want to continue serving the Key Peninsula by facilitating the efforts of the KPC as a council director. I would appreciate the honor of your vote for me on the KPC ballot.”



Area 3: Chuck West, incumbent

Chuck West currently serves as a battalion chief with Key Peninsula Fire Department. He is on the KP Land Use Advisory Commission for Pierce County and helped write the community plan. He is currently on the board for Key Free Clinic, the Peninsula Schools Education Foundation and the Pierce County Flood Control Advisory Committee. West wants to see the vision brought forth in the community plan become a reality.




Area 4: Rion Tisino, MHP, incumbent

“I am dedicated to continue facilitating youth-friendly activities and refer families to resources that will enhance their individualized needs on the Key Peninsula corridor. I have been active on the KP Council for four years. I have recently taken KP Youth Council to the state capital and have facilitated an anti-bullying training program for them.”