KP Fire Department Report

Staff Report

For the period

Oct. 16 to Nov. 15

Total Calls: 141 EMS: 90 Fire/service: 12 Other: 39 Oct. 16 A 77-year-old woman of the Wauna area requested EMS to her home for abdominal pain. The woman was treated and transported to St Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor for further evaluation and treatment. Oct. 17 Firefighters responded to a Lakebay home Thursday afternoon for a 76-year.old woman who needed assistance getting from the ground into her wheelchair. The woman had been lowered and could not successfully be lifted back into the chair by a home healthcare provider and daughter. Oct, 21 An elderly Lakebay woman was being moved to her wheelchair Monday afternoon when she slid to the ground and a care giver was unable to assist her up. Firefighters responded and after checking for injuries helped the woman into her wheelchair. Oct. 23 EMS crews responded to the Wauna area for a woman complaining of respiratory distress. After evaluating the patient it became apparent that there were possibly behavioral issues as well. The crew began to transport the patient to an area hospital, when the woman felt the need to get out of the medic unit. She got up off the gurney and tried to exit and had to be restrained by the technician, as well as the driver who stopped the vehicle to help the technician. Nobody was hurt during the incident. Oct. 26 Key Peninsula firefighters responded to reports of a rollover crash. After getting mixed reports of location, the car was found on Olson Drive on it's top with the sole occupant out of the vehicle. The 18-year-old driver stated he was unfamiliar with the area and didn't anticipate the corner. He was transported to a local hospital for evaluation of minor injuries. Traffic was controlled by Pierce County Sheriff Department and the road was opened soon after. Oct. 28 Key Peninsula firefighters responded to reports of a car hitting a bicyclist Monday afternoon. The rider was a 15-year-old boy who was hit at a very low speed in the rear tire and fell over. The boy was taken by medics to a local hospital as a precautionary measure. No one in the vehicle was harmed. Oct. 30 Key Peninsula firefighters were called for a Longbranch woman who was heading Northbound on Key Peninsula Highway Wednesday evening when her car struck a deer in the road. There was significant amount of damage to the car and the woman received injuries that required transport to a local hospital for evaluation. The deer was unable to be located after the collision. Nov. 4 Key Peninsula firefighters responded to reports of an unconscious man late Monday night. The man was said to have passed out and fell to the ground by family and they were concerned about a new medication he was taking. The man was alert when medics arrived and was evaluated and taken to a local hospital for observation on suspicion of a medication error. Nov. 6 Wednesday night firefighters were called to the home of an elderly woman who had experienced a low blood sugar problem. The woman's husband called 911 for help after noticing she was not behaving normal. The woman was treated in her home by medics and wished to remain at home. A doctor was consulted and the woman was left at home with her husband. Nov. 13 Crews responded to the Minter area for a 77-year-old man with cardiac symptoms. The man had experienced chest pain and tingling in his arm prior to the arrival of fire and EMS crews. Although his symptoms had subsided, the man was treated and transported to St. Anthony Hospital for further treatment and evaluation. Nov. 14 Crews responded to the Wauna area for a 6-week-old baby boy experiencing respiratory distress. The baby was truly sick and required rapid EMS intervention. He was treated and transported priority mode to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. Nov 15 Key Peninsula firefighters responded to a Gig Harbor woman who was ill throughout the night and her mother called 911 in the morning for help getting her to the hospital. The woman has a history of illness and a recent rib injury and is confined to bed. Medics transported the woman to a local hospital for treatment and observation.