KP Fire Dept. emergency responses Nov. 15 – Dec. 19, 2009

Staff Report

A summary of emergency responses for one month Nov. 15 – Dec. 19, 2009 Total Calls: 159 EMS: 114 Fire/service: 40 Other: 9 Unless otherwise indicated, all responses are by Key Peninsula FD 16

Nov 15 A report to the unstaffed Wauna Fire Station stated a car accident had just occurred West of the station on SR302.  Home and Gig Harbor Firefighters responded to find two vehicles parked on the shoulder after one of the vehicles had crossed the centerline glancing off the other. No injuries were reported. Nov 16 A car struck a power poll in Lake Holiday.  The 50-year-old man stated that he was reaching onto the floor to pick up something when the incident occurred.  He had minor injuries though the car was totaled. Nov 17  A 62-year-old Lakebay man lost control of his car on Key Peninsula Highway near Whiteman Road.  The vehicle left the road and struck a tree.  Key Peninsula Fire Medics extricated the man from his vehicle and took him to a Tacoma Trauma Center. Nov 18 Two people walked into two different Fire Stations around noon asking for help.  The first was a 76-year-old Lakebay man at the Key Center Station with chest pain he was evaluated and transported to a Tacoma area hospital.  The second was a young lady with a ring stuck on her hand.  The ring was cut off and her hand was treated for swelling by firefighters. Nov 22 A 57-year-old Lakebay woman accidently lacerated her wrist while cutting a homemade soap cake into bars.  The woman was treated by fire Medics at her home. Nov 24 A 6-year-old Wauna boy was evaluated by fire Medics for flu like symptoms.  A physician was consulted and the child was found to be in no immediate danger and no need for transport. Nov 25 Key Peninsula Firefighters fought to save a Jackson Lake area mobile home that was ravaged by fire and was deemed a complete loss. In the marathon 5-hour fire fight firefighters were faced with untenable environments and collapsing floors. Firefighters were able to recover many of the homeowner’s pictures, however two cats are still missing and presumed dead. Nov 26 Firefighters responded to a Longbranch resident for an 80-year-old Tacoma woman with difficulty breathing.  Medics gave the patient a breathing treatment, took vitals, checked heart rate and rhythm, and transported to a Gig Harbor facility. Nov 28 A barn fire in the 700 block of KPHN was brought under control quickly but took much longer to extinguish fully because of the large amount of items stored inside.  The fire that was reported about 8 a.m. was the beginning of a busy day for firefighters/medics who responded from the fire scene to two separate medical aid calls including that of a 40- year-old Minter area woman who passed away unexpectedly. Nov 29 Paramedics responded to a Longbranch female in her 40's suffering from shortness of breath. The patient’s home medication was not relieving her symptoms so she was treated and transported for further evaluation. Nov 30 Firefighters responded to a rear-end collision in the 8900 block of Key Peninsula Highway during the evening rush hour.  Traffic was slowed for some time but no one was injured. A 30-year-old woman was found along side the road by firefighters after she became nauseous and her partner stopped the vehicle for her.  Once outside the vehicle she was too weak to stand and fell to the ground where firefighters found her.  She was transported to a Tacoma Hospital. Dec 1 Firefighters responded to the Home area for an automatic fire alarm.  They arrived at the residence to find no smoke visible but an audible alarm sounding outside the residence.  Workers at the house were able to contact the owner and find out the system had many malfunctions.  Firefighters then verified there was no fire and reset the system. Dec 2 An elderly man pulled out from 140th Ave KPN onto SR302 in front of a motorist who was unable to stop.  The approaching Ford Explorer collided with the elderly man’s car and rolled off the highway.  Firefighters extricated the 21-year-old man using the Jaws of Life and transported him to a Tacoma Trauma center. Dec 3 Fire Department responded to a patient that passed out onto a hard floor while standing on a step.  The patient was evaluated and found to have no injuries or medical history.  After a doctor was called the patient was left in the care of family. Dec 4 A 48-year-old man from Jackson Lake was seen by Medics for abdominal pain.  He was treated and transported to a local hospital for further treatment. Dec 5 Firefighters rescued a 1-year-old child from a locked running vehicle in Lake of the Woods development.  A Boarder Collie, also in the vehicle had locked the doors when it pawed at the door, stepping on the automatic locking button. Dec 6 A reported barn fire was found to be a straw storage building near Carney Lake.  The fire was quickly extinguished with damage limited to the building and dirt bike.  Cause was still undetermined. Dec 9 A 51-year-old woman was transported by medics after she took an overdose of prescription medication. Dec 13 For the fourth time in one week firefighters and medics were called to a home in the Vaughn area for a 39-year-old man with psychological problems.  He stated that he had not been taking his medications and the TV was talking to him.  He was transported at his request to a local hospital. Dec 14 The wood stove of a Palmer Lake resident got so hot that it broke the heat resistant glass out of the door.  The resident called firefighters who extinguished the fire in the stove. Dec 15 Firefighters responded to the report of a power pole in the roadway on Olson Drive KPN.  Upon arrival firefighters investigated to find that a pick-up truck had gone over the embankment after striking the pole.  The vehicle was abandoned, and several reports place the elusive driver to a Longbranch residence. Dec 19 An 18-year-old Lakebay youth lost control of his vehicle at the intersection of Lackey Rd and KP Highway.  The young man appeared to be uninjured but evidence in the vehicle indicated he struck the windshield and bent the steering column so he was transported to a Tacoma Hospital for evaluation.