May 8 fair has the best of Key Pen


Rodika Tollefson, KP News

More than three years ago, a group of Civic Center volunteers, spearheaded by then-board member Tim Kezele, had an idea. Since the Civic Center is the hub for many local nonprofits and community events, why not have a little show-and-tell for the Key Peninsula groups, to show all the things they do to make this a better place?

Now in its third year, the show-and-tell has the official name of the Key Peninsula Livable Community Fair—and is organized by the Civic Center together with Safe Streets. Last year, the event’s attendance grew strong.

“Originally the idea was to be an informational event so people can find out what their community is doing. Last year we envisioned the music being in the background but it ended up being the highlight of the day,” said organizer Dennis Taylor of Safe Streets. “Since the entertainment was such a hit, we decided to expand it.”

Who can forget the magnificent cloggers practically putting all other motion on hold while strutting and clicking on stage? Their performance caused the entire crowd to conglomerate near the stage. They will be back this year, adding to a lineup that includes the Key Peninsula Middle School Jazz Band, the Evergreen Elementary Blues Kids, Peninsula High School’s Razzmatazz and Quartet Musette with Lorraine Hart.

If you want to know who is who, what is happening around the community, what resources are available to you, how you can help—this is the place for your “one-stop shopping.” With entertainment and activities inside and outside through the day, and the plant sale by the Lakebay Fuchsia Society outside – you might as well make a day of it.

Arts, crime prevention, safety, health, sustainable living, and fun activities—these are just some of the aspects to be featured. Radio station KGHP is expected to air live.

“This is a celebration, a showcasing of the best” Key Peninsula has to offer, Taylor said.

New this year are canine demonstrations, the Swanee Frisbee Dogs, firefighters showing off their fire trucks, a sheriff’s deputy vehicle, reptiles and craft activities. Even Rhubarb the Reindeer, Tacoma Rainiers’ mascot, will drop in.

The fair has already had its share of miracles—last year, I.M.Pact, which had an impressive domestic violence visual display at the fair, intrigued a local couple who were then instrumental in getting funding for a new safe house, a shelter for women that has been a dream for several years.

The event has come a long way from its roughly 15-booth setup of its first year when things were organized in a few short weeks. “Usually by third year, it becomes a break-it or make-it event, and it’s definitely a make-it year,” Kezele said.

The fair will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For details, call 884-3456.