New business opens in Purdy


Danna Webster

Co-owners of Local Boys Tap Room, Bobby Holstein and Trevor Jones, opened their doors for business Feb. 4. Photo by Danna Webster, KP News

A new taproom has opened at the top of the Key Peninsula. In the interest of full disclosure, this is not a school of dance. The Local Boys Tap Room is an establishment dedicated to the introduction of all 338 breweries crafting beer in the state of Washington.

You can tour Washington’s breweries without leaving your barstool.

Although there are wonderful Oregon breweries, according to co-owner Bobby Holstein, “the name of the place is Local Boys,” so one of the first business decisions was to make the tap room all about Washington.

In spite of the coincidence of the name, the taproom is not a business affiliate of the Local Boys Fruit and Produce market. The name is, however, a salute to the family ties of co-owner Trevor Jones, who is the son of market owners Bob and Cathy Jones. “Local Boys was the name of Dad’s basketball team,” Trevor Jones says.

Bob and Cathy Jones were the owners of the Tacoma Boys Fruit and Produce Market for 42 years until they sold that business in 1998.

This year the Local Boys Market will expand to include a butcher shop with Painted Hills Beef and fresh seafood supplied by local fisherman. So the taproom won’t be the only newly designed shop on the block.

Both Jones and Holstein reside with their families in the Wauna neighborhood. Jones plans to relocate to Lakebay with his wife and their toddler son, Tucker. Holstein and his wife have two daughters and one son. They are staying put on the Burley Lagoon while their daughter, Olivia Dantche, completes her studies at Peninsula High School. Olivia painted the artwork for the taproom entrance.

Their mission is to introduce the art and stories of local beer brewing. When a keg on tap blows, there are 10 new options in the refrigerator waiting to rotate in. Holstein says there are “more than 100 breweries that have never seen the light of day outside of 100 miles from their brewery and we are going to change that.” Holstein is a beer aficionado who claims to have tasted over 2,100 different brews and has nearly completed a book on the subject.

The Tap Room offers the convenience of good parking and an invitation to bring in food of your choice. With Dexter’s hamburgers and pizza, Bridgeway’s Teriyaki, Massimo’s Italian and the Taco Food Truck, Purdy is “a mecca of culinary delights,” observed Holstein.

Local Boys Tap Room is located directly behind Local Boys Fruit and Produce Market on the corner of SR 302 and 14006 Purdy Drive NW, just east of the Purdy Bridge. Currently they are open seven days a week after 1 p.m. until they establish regular hours.