New Website Offers Much More


Overcoming the limitations of a monthly newspaper was on the mind of Executive Editor Lisa Bryan when she previewed a website created by a national design firm three years ago at a regional newspaper convention. It offered flexibility, nearly unlimited expansion opportunities, and a broad range of tools for community-building through communication online. The robust web solution seemed like an impossible dream for small-town Key Peninsula News. Bryan and Operations Manager Tim Heitzman, filed the details under "Some Day." 

That day came late last year when the design firm, Creative Circle, presented a very affordable offer to create a site tailored for newspapers smaller than their traditional metropolitan daily and national magazine clients. The KP News Publishing Board approved the initiative as part of the 2020 budget following the resounding success of its first NewsMatch campaign.

A key benefit of the new site is enhanced event publicity for local nonprofit organizations. As restrictions on public gatherings change, the new Events Calendar will become a vital tool for every event organizer on the KP.

“Just imagine a calendar that shows a picture, logo and even a map,” Heitzman said. “There's a sample entry in the calendar now, just to show how great it will be when we have events again.”

Bryan said the site development would not have been possible without a grant from Rotary of Gig Harbor who were excited about the community-building resources it will add. The Angel Guild has supported the Calendar online and in print for years, and their support continues to make a difference in the community.

“A huge round of applause goes to our hundreds of local donors who not only make financial contributions, but whose "love notes" are every bit as valued,” Bryan said. “Many of those donations were matched by a grant from NewsMatch, a national group of corporations who believe in supporting independent nonprofit local newsrooms.”

“From all of us to all of you, thank you for reading our newspaper in print and on the web, Heitzman said. “When we say “our” we mean all of us — Key Peninsula News is made possible by the community. Congratulations to all.”