Sandwich shop opens up on State Route 302

Jessica Takehara Lori Crichfield, left, and Fredda Graham recently opened Fredda and Lori’s Deli in the building formerly operated by Gourmet Burgers. Photo by Ed Johnson, KP News

Cars, trucks, bikes and all manner of vehicles whip past the spot every day on State Route 302. If passersby glance, they will notice a new sign, Fredda and Lori’s Deli, across the street from Charboneau Construction and Supply.

When drivers stop in, Fredda Graham or Lori Crichfield will greet them with a welcoming smile and “Hi, have you been here before?”

Answering “no” to the question means one of the women will explain the menu, the combo possibilities and other food options at their new restaurant.

Make no mistake, there is plenty to choose. Sandwiches range from meatball and French dip to veggie in large, small or half sizes. There are sides, salads, coffee, shakes and kid options too.

Open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, Fredda and Lori’s Deli is ready to meet that “oops I forgot to eat” early morning crowd with breakfast items. In fact, according to Graham, their breakfast items have been some of the biggest sellers. Especially since breakfast is available all day, she said.

Neither Graham nor Critchfield are strangers to the Key Peninsula. They are longtime residents and Graham spent many years working at other Key Peninsula businesses.

Critchfield has previous experience in the medical community. The women met after working together in Gig Harbor for several years, Critchfield said, and while Graham nodded in agreement, she said they “balance each other out.”

The idea of starting their own deli was always a dream, but one day Graham and Critchfield just decided to make it happen. There is plenty of road between having the dream and welcoming customers into your business though, they said.

A location needed to be found, meetings with vendors held, selecting quality ingredients done, setting prices and a myriad of other details that come with running a deli.

All the hard work paid off and Fredda and Lori’s Deli celebrated its grand opening on Aug. 17, a month after the soft start on July 12.

They said the deli’s sign has brought in repeat customers who can pick up a sack lunch special, call in orders, or purchase a party tray in addition to the standard menu fare.

When asked about making a sandwich in a special way, Graham and Critchfield spontaneously chorused together: “If you want it and we have it, we’ll make it anyway you like … with love.”

Fredda and Lori’s Deli is located at 11717 SR-302. For information, call 858-7212.