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Jeff Minch

Jeff Minch

Rubbing It In

As summer comes to an end, so does my training routine. Since the beginning of May, I have been training for a 50K trail race coming up in October at Point Defiance. This journey has not only been a process of pushing myself to new limits, but also to new levels of self-awareness. A large portion of this self-awareness has manifested in this 47-year-old body in the form of “Oh my God, I hurt.” Time to get out the Advil and rub in the Tiger Balm and prepare to smell like a medicine cabinet, right?

Maybe not.

I had to learn the benefits of proper recovery so I could get back out there and run 20 miles one day and follow up the next with another 16. This required me to develop not only good physical and dietary practices, but healthy muscle recovery as well. As my body changed during my training, the Advil and heat rubs just weren’t cutting it and I didn’t like using them.

Enter cannabis.

Back in April, I became a regular cannabis user by introducing a cannabis topical rub to my sore legs and feet. Not knowing what to look for, I took a trip to a cannabis shop in Tacoma and explained my needs to the consultant. He recommended a specific salve. I followed the directions and applied it generously to my legs before I went to bed. Then I waited. I didn’t get high. My legs didn’t go numb. I really didn’t feel much of anything. Then I fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to a change. My legs were relaxed and the soreness had subsided. I got out of bed and the usual stiffness I normally experienced was greatly reduced.

I continued using the cannabis rub after my long runs and was getting great results. As I built up my strength, my post-run aches and pains receded, resulting in less use of the cannabis rub. Nonetheless, it still plays a big part in my post-run routine after longer runs.

I was recently looking for something to help relieve some tendon issues and other specific sore spots, so I went back to the Tacoma store and asked for something to target them. I was introduced to a different lotion that has aided me in treating areas of soreness around the Achilles tendon and the balls of my feet. Again, I didn’t feel the effects immediately, but after a good night of rest, getting out of bed wasn’t a process of working out the kinks and hobbling to the shower to get the day started. My legs and feet felt great.

The cannabis products allowed my body to relax and let my muscles recover on their own.

Keep in mind that we are all different and though this has worked for me, it may not work for others. Both of these products contain THC and are only legal for people over the age of 21 to purchase, possess and use.

For many years, my views and opinions on cannabis were influenced by misinformation. I finally decided to do my own research and find what works best for me. My research also led me to get involved in The Cannabis Alliance ( and take an active role in this changing industry. This is a growing organization for businesses and individuals to get out and be active in shaping our growing cannabis industry responsibly.

I invite you to look into this issue for yourself.