Two Waters ‘Artists' Blend’ is a big community hit

Irene Torres

The first “Artists’Blend” event in November brought together a small group of like-minded and creatively diverse souls who gathered to share stories and learn a few new ones.

Artist Taylor Reed said the idea is to have a time each month when artists and patrons of the arts can get together just to talk art.

“We have so many artists on the KP and surrounding areas but we are so spread out and don't really all know each other very well. We have lots of artists and we would really like to get to know each other,”Reed said.

Art news, shared by those who attended in January, included artist, conservator and teacher Phoebe Toland and her husband, ceramic artist Richard Notkin. Phoebe's sister, sculptor Tip Toland has just received a United States Artist Fellows award.

Exhibitor Adria Hanson is a painter who lives on the Key Peninsula. Her true artist soul still craves time to stay connected with her art and other artists as time with her new baby allows. Hanson studied fine art in Italy.

Lampwork glass artist Brynn Rydell talked about her new projects, which are painstakingly designed and impeccably delivered.

Reed was also busy with a show at Morso Wine Bar in Gig Harbor. Doing double duty as a landscaping creative as well as a painter, her life is full. She is showing her work on a regular basis with the Kimball Gallery group in Gig Harbor.

Robin Peterson is busy revisiting her Voices of the Wilderness art residency, which she will present this summer in Tongass National Forest, southeast Alaska.

Kathy Bauer has a perfect showcase for her photography at The Blend; she's excited for the future of Two Waters Art Alliance (TWAA) and is looking forward to continuing support for the arts and artists in our community with some re-envisioning of ways the organization can keep us connected, sharing the blessings of a creative lifestyle for all ages.

Reed said this was only the third month, but the group grew a lot this time. “We had 6 or 7 people show the first two months, but this month we had 17-18 and it was really fun and great energy,”Reed said.

According to Reed, the group is getting really enthusiastic feedback.

“I will be posting information on the TWAA Facebook page Two Waters is really focused this year on supporting all of our local artists and bringing us together. We are always looking for volunteers; the more we have the more cool things we can do,”Reed said.

The group is still trying to figure out what the monthly event will be, and they know that is up to whoever shows up.

“The focus will be making sure we have time to talk to each other about current projects we may be working on and are excited about or are having trouble with, what exhibits are currently up and what we have seen. We’ll be discussing reviews, ideas for art shows and classes on the peninsula and sharing local opportunities for artists. We will share networking and marketing ideas for artists. We would also like to have short presentations, kind of a show-and-tell time. We had a few people bring in some pieces they are working on, which was a big hit, showing new and different material and techniques,”Reed said.

Artists’Blend is free to attend and is open to anyone who wants to talk art on the first Tuesday of every month from 4 to 6 p.m. at Blend Wine Shop in Key Center.