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Steve Whitford

Read My Lips

Some folks read palms, others read cards, local author Jilly Eddy reads your lips, or to be exact a lipstick print of them.

Eddy was Jersey born, but grew up in Orange County, California. She later moved to Bellingham, Washington, but had ties to friends on the peninsula and had visited it often. Approximately two years ago she moved to the KP, along with her partner of 27 years Marsha Kremen.

Even as a child Eddy was fascinated with lips. She received the nickname Jilly from her grandmother and others, and she’s used it ever since.

In 1980 Eddy purchased a book of celebrity lip prints and liked it so much she began taking and sharing prints with her relations and friends. During the next 14 years she collected and examined the lip prints. She even ran a limousine service named Lips Limo, and all the passengers paid with money and lip prints. Amongst others, she was proud of getting Johnny Cash and June Carter’s prints. “Johnny wouldn’t wear the lipstick, so the only way he would cooperate was to get lipstick on him by kissing a girl,” she said.

Eddy analyzed lips and later interviewed the subjects to see how accurate her lip readings were. After more than 10,000 prints were analyzed Eddy turned her art into a science.

Since 1990 Eddy has been enlightening and entertaining audiences with her readings.

Basically what she does is pass out cards for taking lip prints. Those who choose to participate “smooch” the paper with lipsticked lips, then sign and date the sample. Eddy then collects and reads their lips and is capable of telling participants some of the things about themselves that are presently pertinent and specific to them.

Occasionally, Eddy will do a complete reading of a subject, but that can take more than one hour. Eddy coined the term Lipsology in 1996 and has made presentations to many organizations including the International Behavioral and Medical Biometrics Society and her clients include Microsoft, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and even the United States Navy.

In 1994, Eddy published her how to book “Lipsology,” an anthology of her work and studies.

“Lipsology is an art and science, and can be taught to almost anyone,” she said.

Eddy’s goal throughout her book and teaching seminars is to spread the knowledge.

Is what she does a real science, mysticism or the power of suggestion? Perhaps a bit of all three, or maybe it’s just another way some people can channel their inner powers of perception allowing them to be able to read people.

Her book is available at Sunnycrest Nursery, Blend, Purdy Costless and Mostly Books in Gig Harbor, then decide for yourself. The truth is out there.

To find out more about the author and entertainer, visit lipsology.com.