You Did It! Salutes to our Seniors

Praise and encouragement for the first senior class to graduate under the constraints of a pandemic. I am so proud of the graduating class of 2020!


Skylar McAnally shows how it's done. Photo: McAnally family

I graduated in 2013 and still wear my class ring as a reminder of my commitment to all our students and their families. In a time of great change, no one can take away your accomplishments of reaching this milestone. Nothing will change the skills you’ve honed and the knowledge you’ve gained through your K-12 experience. You are resilient in the face of events that are making history, which means you have the opportunity and capability to change the world in ways never done before. This community stands with you. Gina Cabiddu, MSW, Community Manager, Children’s Home Society of WA You have reached a huge milestone in your life and should be proud. Whether you plan to attend college, learn a trade, serve our country, or begin work, this is just the beginning to your path in life. You will face many obstacles. You have the power to shape your destiny. You have the opportunity to write your life story. Be the best author you can and fulfill your  greatest potential. Turn your dreams into your future. State Representative Michelle Caldier History has demonstrated that our greatest generations are forged in the most difficult of circumstances. I truly believe that we are seeing the emergence of the “Greatest Generation of All” as the Class of 2020 experiences this world-changing event. Tough and resilient — the Class of 2020 — and a true class act. Art Jarvis, PhD., Superintendent, Peninsula School District I am very empathetic to these students who have seen their lives turned upside down by this epidemic. We have a lot of problems that need solving. As I’ve met these young people, I’ve seen their superpower is making a positive difference. My advice is to get involved — participate — exercise those super powers to make a difference, because we need you. U.S. Congressman Derek Kilmer The Class of 2020 was born in the aftermath of 9/11, and they are graduating during the most bizarre and unprecedented times in recent history. Our graduates are managing with patience, grace and strength beyond their years. On behalf of the Peninsula School Board, congratulations to the Class of 2020. Always follow your dreams and live the life you imagined. Deb Krishnadasan, Peninsula School District Director and Board President You will not be made whole. Your life is going to be filled with senseless things and senseless people. And it doesn’t matter why; fate doesn’t care what you think. Wondering about it undermines the only real power you have, which is over yourself. That’s a lesson most of us weren’t forced to learn until much later in life. So, there’s a graduation gift for you. You’re already way ahead of us. Local Parent  I’ve been in your shoes. Not once, but many times in my 50 years. As graduating seniors, you were expecting the norm, and then this crazy outbreak dealt you a new set of cards. It’s this adversity that comes throughout life’s journey that is the shoes. As an individual who did not graduate high school in typical fashion, I can feel your mixed emotions — the excitement, the anxiety, the fear, the freedom, and the unknown. Everything you are experiencing right now is as it is supposed to be. Embrace it. It will help you grow, solidifying your character and your values. It’s been many days since my graduation, but I will tell you my life has been rich — with adversity and the opportunities that come with it. Lace up those shoes and run! Dustin Morrow, KPFD 16 Fire Chief It is often said that it is not what happens to a person that matters. It is the response to the circumstances that matters most. The class of 2020 has performed remarkably through their years of schooling and this includes the final semester that was cut short as a result of the pandemic closure. Our seniors continue to make us proud and hopeful. Go Seahawks! Joe Potts, Ph.D., Peninsula High School Principal You are history makers. And I hope you never forget that you can do absolutely anything. You found the grit and grace you needed to graduate amidst a global pandemic. That same grit and grace will help you do whatever you set your mind to, and I’m so excited to see what’s next. Whether you choose to bring art or healing, education or entrepreneurship into this world; whether you become an essential worker helping operate our supply chains, developing our cities, or providing care for our community members — I know you’re going to be brilliant. I know you’re going to do so much good in this world. And I know you’re going to keep making history. State Senator Emily Randall I commend you for a job well done as you prepare to graduate and move on to the next chapter in your life. Although the last third of your senior year did not unfold as you expected, I witnessed how many of your turned challenges into opportunities, and you should be proud of that! Your graduating class will undoubtedly remember this pandemic with mixed emotions, yet your resilience has proven that you are overcomers! Colleen Speer, Executive Director, Communities In Schools of Peninsula "Young people are the future leaders of our community.” This statement has never been more true. Dealing with and adapting to the unprecedented challenges that this pandemic has thrown in their path, the class of 2020 will be uniquely qualified to think outside the box and help guide the community into the world of the “new normal.” Don Swensen, President, KP Community Council As a proud graduate of Peninsula Schools, it is an honor to congratulate the class of 2020. I applaud the imaginative ways our district and the entire community are recognizing our graduating seniors while staying safe. This isn’t the graduation you expected, but it is still essential to take some time to say that we’re proud of you, and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. Derek M. Young, Pierce County Councilmember