Your Daily Hello: New Business Opens in Home


Irene Torres, KP News

Your Daily Hello gives people who live alone an extra layer of security, according to founder Lori Deacon. Photo: Lisa Bryan, KP News

From the dining room of the house she grew up in Home, Lori Deacon reaches across the country using technology to check in on her clients with Your Daily Hello.

While living alone, Deacon wondered if her farm animals would die of thirst before anyone was aware that something might have happened to keep her from tending them. She came up with the concept of a daily email subscription service that she has turned into a licensed corporation and an entrepreneurial business venture with her partner and marketing director, Leah Perfect, a recent transplant to the Key Peninsula.

Their mission is “to step into action before anyone else would even know there is a problem,” Deacon said. “We are up and running this month, giving an extra layer of safety for those who are caregivers, those who live alone and those who work from home.” Her service is a wellness check with guaranteed follow-up within 24 hours, she said. “It enables members to feel safer and stay independent, even without regular contact from the outside world. Those who are really vulnerable should have Life Alert, which is $30 a month versus $30 a year for our company.”

Your Daily Hello has an added component for pets and animals that share property with the member, so first responders will know who needs care and any special needs that must be met.

“This venture resonates with my heart for seniors and those with disabilities and others who want to stay at home and be independent,” Perfect said. “I just latched onto it when Lori called to tell me we were going to do this.”

Membership costs $30 a year, and nonprofit affiliates can qualify for a local donation of $5.00 per subscription, Deacon said. “I’m teaching myself code to make it more techno-savvy moving forward,” Deacon said. “I didn’t know I was going to launch a dot-com. It’s almost like it was fate.”

“Our membership goal is 1,000 a month, 10,000 a year,” Deacon said. She has plans for building out office space on her property overlooking Joe’s Bay and Mount Rainier and hiring employees to take on the customer service aspect of this new startup.

“Growing up here, living in this house, knowing this concept evolved from my own head, I like the idea that this started here and having it go nationwide,” she said. “To come up with an idea and know it is a really good idea is so much fun.”

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