KP Fire Reports

Staff Report

Key Peninsula Fire Department

For the period of:

May 15 to June 15 2014

Total Calls: 178 EMS: 117 Fire/service: 18 Other: 43 May 25 Family members called 9-1-1 to report a 34-year-old Carney Lake man had intentionally overdosed on prescription medication in an alleged effort to get some sleep. Paramedics learned that the man actually took the mixed variety of medications the night before and that the peak effect of the medications had already past. He denied an intent to harm himself. He did not require transport and he was left in the supervision of family members. May 26 Firefighters responded to a 39 -year-old female with abdominal pain. She was transported to St. Anthony Hospital. May 27 Units responded to an uncontrolled pile of burning wood on the Purdy spit which they extinguished. May 31 Paramedics responded to a 9-1-1 call from a local camp ground where a 60-year-old Puyallup man was vomiting blood. The man has an extensive medical history and one of his underlying conditions worsened while camping. Key Peninsula Medic One transported him to a local hospital. June 6 A 20-year-old Port Orchard man was driving his van to a friend's house in the Minter area when he heard a “clunking” sound under his van. The man stopped the van and looked under it and discovered flames in the area of the transmission. He quickly removed his valuables from the van while a passer-by called 9-1-1 for him. By the time Key Peninsula fire crews arrived, the van was fully involved in flames. Firefighters doused the flames and then assisted the man with contacting a friend of his to come to the scene to assist him, and contacted a towing company. June 7 Fire and EMS crews responded to Lake of the Woods for a report of a man in his 30s threatening suicide, with additional information that the man had been cutting himself. Once responding units arrived in the general area they staged their people and apparatus several blocks from the incident location while Sheriff's deputies cleared the scene, for safety purposes. Interestingly, fire/EMS crews were released from the incident without ever making contact with the suspected patient. June 12 Key Peninsula Firefighters responded to reports of a toddler fallen. The child was at a daycare when he fell and hit his head and was sleepy after. The workers were concerned and called 911. The child was taken to urgent care by his mother. June 13 Due to weather Key Peninsula Firefighters responded to several wrecks. Two wrecks involved people following other cars too closely and failing to stop in time to avoid an accident. One young woman was transported to a local hospital for evaluation and the rest of the injuries were minor in nature. Remember when the weather has been warm the roads will be extra slick when it rains due to the built up oil on the roadway.