Mary Watson


Mary Watson died Oct. 22 at her home on Rocky Creek on the Key Peninsula. She was 93 years old.

She was a lifelong Unitarian Universalist and a member of the Tacoma congregation for more than 60 years and a dedicated supporter of End of Life Washington and its work to offer death with dignity. She also worked on many other progressive causes, both political and cultural.

Mary was a voracious reader and attended several book clubs, including one dedicated to her beloved Jane Austen. She also enjoyed meeting with a poetry group, a women’s circle, the Friends of the Key Center Library and regular neighborhood gatherings.

A transplant from the Midwest, Mary loved the Pacific Northwest and cherished her memories of many years spent exploring its natural beauty. She was a regular in several hiking groups until her illness slowed her in her late 80s.

Mary is survived by her four children: Chris Fruitrich (Teresa) and Mary James of the Tacoma area, Ellie Fruitrich of Australia and Ean James of Hawaii; four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She also enjoyed a wide circle of supportive friends and neighbors.

At her request, there will be no service. She asks the many who will miss her: “Don’t be sad, just remember.”