Letter to the Editor

An Ode to KP News


After living in the Rosedale area of the Gig Harbor Peninsula since 1968, I moved across Carr Inlet (straight as the crow flies) to Lake Minterwood on the Key Peninsula after the passing of my husband in 2007.

In the decade of the 1990s, I served on the board of the Peninsula Neighborhood Association. We considered ourselves slow growth on development, environmentally concerned, politically active citizens of the community.

As long as it has been published I have enjoyed, been informed and been grateful for this local newspaper. Congratulations on your new status as a nonprofit. Now teetering into my 81st year, and as one who really wants to hold a paper in my hands to receive knowledge or enjoyment, I sit here reading and reflecting on Volume 50, issue two.

I am particularly struck by the first page with the so thoroughly researched and well written article on the new land acquisitions for preservation (“Land Trusts Conserve 323 Key Peninsula Acres”). The articles by Chris Rurik always delight and add to my knowledge of the natural world and its inhabitants I have already cut out the page containing his compiled list of 15 unique denizens of our area to add to my collection of wildlife books.

Many times, the younger generation has impressed me with their knowledge and curiosity, but I just shook my head in wonder reading the profile of Izzy Edwards. Such a wonderful future lies before her, and I look forward to seeing her photographs and reading about her adventures to come. The insight and love of wildlife that stand out in her work is amazing, especially in the eyes of the little Saw-whet owl. 

I have testified in the past on behalf of keeping geoduck farming out of Burley Lagoon and I thank Laura Hendricks and her group for continuing to fight this battle. The latest article portends a hard fight to protect this estuary (“Burley Lagoon Geoduck Battle Enters Next Phase”).

I thoughtfully read the columns of your contributors. We are lucky to have so many residents here who donate so much time and thought to add to our knowledge and understanding of others (“Peninsula Views”). 

I have always found your reporting on politics and other subjects of concern to be fair and informative. I think it is in the best interest of all of us to understand, or at least to respectfully listen to, the opinions or beliefs of others. It is possible in doing so, we may find some understanding and the possibility of getting along peacefully. 

Thank you for asking for your readers’ views. I think it is far too easy to criticize someone or something, and far too hard to offer a compliment. In the past I have given a quick thought to letting you know what a fine newspaper you publish. Today just seemed the right time to do it.

Helen Nupp, Lakebay