Letter to the editor

Vote Yes For Our Community


Please vote “yes” for the Maintenance and Operations Fire Levy Aug. 4. This is a four-year continuation of the existing levy for the same fixed amount of $800,000. Because it is renewing the existing levy, there will be no impact on our property tax; if anything, the amount of our tax going toward the levy will decrease as the population base of the Key Peninsula increases. 

Without dollars raised by this levy, the services of the KP fire department will be seriously compromised. Maintenance on equipment and facilities will suffer. Staff reductions are likely, which can negatively impact emergency response times. Community outreach programs will be altered or discontinued as well. 

To ensure our fire department continues to provide us with the present level of superb service we have come to expect and rely on, passing this levy is critical. Support our fire department heroes.  Thank you for your “yes” vote.

Win Rumsey, Lakebay