Hope Recovery Center Should Move On


I write not on behalf of any organization, but as a concerned resident of the Key Peninsula. The Pierce County Planning and Public Works Department has issued a use determination letter to the hearing examiner that does not favor Hope Recovery Center. Given that, as a fellow believer, I call on Jeremiah Saucier, Pastor Dan Whitmarsh and Lakebay Community Church to prayerfully consider withdrawing their HRC application. I encourage them, in the spirit of Matthew 5:25, to “Make friends quickly with your opponent at law while you are with him on the way.” I know that many who oppose the HRC do so with mixed feelings, myself included. We know that help is needed for those afflicted by addiction, but believe that the proposed site is not appropriate. HRC could put whatever attorneys’ fees it is paying to better use. Personally, I would redirect whatever amount I would donate to No on HRC to the Hope Recovery Center proponents if they withdrew and committed to purchasing appropriately zoned property. And I don’t believe that I would be alone. Kim Quon, Lakebay