Letter to the editor

KP Churches Speak Out


We believe each person carries the divine image of our creator.

We believe the words of the Psalmist who wrote, “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne.”

We believe God’s kingdom includes people from every tribe, tongue and nation; every color of skin, every ethnicity, rich and poor, male and female.

We recognize that, too often, our world is marked by injustice and the sin of racism. We confess that too many times the Church has remained silent while minority brothers and sisters have suffered violence and oppression. Sometimes the Church has actively participated in supporting and upholding racist systems. For these, we repent.

We, the ministers of our Key Peninsula churches, hear the cries of those demanding justice, those lamenting loss, those asking for fair and equal treatment in our country and our world. We decry the people who persist in using racist language and practice against men and women loved by our God. We join with those lamenting the lives of Ahmaud Arbury, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and so many more.

While we stand against those who co-opt righteous protest in an attempt to incite violence, looting and anarchy, we remain committed to hearing the cry of people praying for deliverance from centuries of pain. We commit to leading the Church away from racist beliefs, thoughts, words and deeds.

As the leaders of the Church in this community, we speak with one voice. We call upon all of God’s people on the Key Peninsula to confront the sin of racism, hear the cry of those being oppressed, humble yourselves in prayer, be known for love, seek change and healing, and work for peace.

To our brothers and sisters of color, we see you. We hear you. We stand with you.

John DayChris HendersonEd LongabaughDoug PatersonTim StobbeDan Whitmarsh
Key Peninsula Ministerial Association