Letters to the Editor

Much-Needed Agents of Change


Key Peninsula needs fresh voices in the Washington House of Representatives. Let’s elect leaders who are connected to us and who care about us, right here, right now. Those two individuals are Joy Stanford and Carrie Hesch.

Based on their work and life experiences, Stanford and Hesch have solid solutions that will get things back on track —expanding health care, particularly in the wake of the loss of employer insurance by so many, rebooting the economy, building infrastructure as a way to get folks working again, including improving broadband service, updating the criminal justice system, providing housing solutions, strengthening education at all levels, and facing the question of climate change, which is made sharper every year by wildfires across the state and region. Their websites provide further details.

The News Tribune’s endorsements of Joy and Carrie published July 5 called them “change agents.” They are exactly that and will represent our district’s highest value of caring about and for one another in all kinds of ways.

If we didn’t know this before, we do now — we are all in this together. Joy Stanford and Carrie Hesch are hard workers and consensus builders. They are the right people for the job of state representative, 26th District. Give them your vote.