Letters to the Editor

Regarding the Virus


I have been enjoying the KP News for years and appreciate your efforts as well as our diverse group of people living on the KP. However, I think your latest editorial is a bit optimistic (“Here’s What I Think About That,” August 2020).

Having spent years overseas, I have realized Americans are unique in this world and unfortunately I believe you are giving us too much credit. In recent decades we have become a culture that cares little about the greater good. We are now a nation full of narcissists.

I am deeply saddened we are going in the wrong direction. This virus doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion. If a small percentage of foolish people ignore the threat, the virus will spread endlessly. And given the large percentage of science deniers in our society this is not going to stop.

We need to treat our public health crisis like the highway. If someone breaks the rules and endangers others by speeding or reckless driving, they are punished. This is how our society functions now. We must treat these people as criminals for endangering society. And the punishment must be strong enough to discourage their behavior.

I don’t have the solution; I am just afraid people lack motivation and they are influenced by ignorance.

Thank you for your good work.