Letter to the editor

Madness in Seattle


We have descended into madness. Riots, looting, arson, destruction and assault along with the occupation of part of a great city as if invaded by a foreign army.

No one viewed the video of what happened in Minneapolis and wasn’t horrified and outraged. The officer responsible was fired and charged with murder. Those officers who stood by also face charges. They will all face trial.

This situation in Seattle is beyond unacceptable. Seattle’s mayor characterizes it as a patriotic block party: I call it an occupation by anarchists. I submit her opinion would differ if it was her neighborhood, home or business impacted.

I posit — what happens if these people seek to occupy a portion of the KP? What if this was Key Center or Lake Kathryn boarded up and covered with graffiti?

There is a call to abolish the police. Madness! It’s easy for a misguided person to advocate abolishing police when they live under the blanket of security provided by the police. I honor and respect the noble people wearing that badge.

Race relations are at the forefront of the conversation. Let’s have those hard discussions via the lens of Dr. King in terms of the content of one’s character. When riots, thievery, arson and assault are acceptable, I submit there is no character for a conversation. When there is disagreement within a race conversation and the default insult of “racist” is easily used, we’re at an impasse.

Our country is at stake. It’s time to defend it.

Todd S. Young Ph.D., RRT, Longbranch